a16z Relaunching Crypto Startup School (CSS) To Promote Web3

a16z Crypto has announced the re-launch of the Crypto Startup School (CSS) and its expansion into a full accelerator program. a16z Crypto launched CSS in February 2020 with the goal of helping developers create new Web3 projects.

On October 18, a16z announced the relaunch of the Crypto Startup School (CSS) project that was launched in February 2020.

In this comeback, in addition to the educational and mentoring components of the CSS program, participants will receive $500,000 in seed funding to build their companies. The program will begin March 6, 2023 and run for 12 weeks, with teams participating in person in Los Angeles, CA.

CSS in February 2020 with the goal of helping developers create new Web3 projects, and has helped apps like Phantom, Goldfinch raise more than $300 million and build products that users love. The lecture series from the program has been viewed over 1M times by people interested in building web3 projects.

Realizing that the tools needed to build a durable web3 product are still undefined and poorly distributed, CSS will support Web3 development for new founders entering the space from other fields who are compelled by the promise of web3 – a more open internet – but aren’t sure how to navigate the terrain.

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