Defunct Crypto Exchange Wex Appears 10,000 BTC Transfer

10,000 BTC were taken out by an unidentified owner of a Bitcoin wallet connected to the now-defunct Wex exchange, which was previously the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the Russian-speaking market.
Defunct Crypto Exchange Wex Appears 10,000 BTC Transfer

Sergey Mendeleev, the creator of the cryptocurrency exchange Garantex and the CEO of the defi banking network Indefibank, was the first to observe the transfer of digital currency. The finding was made public on his Telegram channel, according to a report from the most reputable Russian cryptocurrency news website On November 23, the coins migrated.

The last time money left this Bitcoin address was in September 2017, when the exact same amount was paid out.

Mendeleev revealed in November of last year that the Russian Ministry of Interior had ignored requests from Wex users to assist in the freezing and seizure of cryptocurrency cash withdrawn from an exchange-controlled wallet.

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Defunct Crypto Exchange Wex Appears 10,000 BTC Transfer

More than 10,000 ETH, which at the time was valued over $46 million, were taken out and moved to other platforms.

Wex was created in 2017 as a result of the demise of BTC-e, which shut down after one of its operators, Alexander Vinnik, was detained in Greece. The Russian IT expert, who is presently in American detention, is charged with using the exchange to launder up to $9 billion.

Defunct Crypto Exchange Wex Appears 10,000 BTC Transfer

Wex’s 2018 demise resulted in a $450 million loss. The system is regarded as a BTC-e replacement since it purportedly handled proceeds from the Mt. Gox hack and other online crimes. It was run by World Exchange Services, a Singapore-based business that Aleksey Bilyuchenko, a previous business colleague of BTC-e administrators Alexander Vinnik, helped co-found.

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