The cryptocurrency trading platform 5ROI Global reaches more than 500,000 users after a 3-month start and support strategy for technology startups

The international cryptocurrency trading platform 5ROI Global applies the blockchain technology in its operating model and after 3 months of market launch it is attracting 500,000 users. As of the third quarter of 2021, 5ROI Global will be cooperating with leading companies in the areas of mutual funds, forex trading, commodities … to offer diversified financial products and services to 5ROI Global’s customers.

The cryptocurrency trading platform 5ROI Global reaches more than 500000

According to a 2020 report by Grand View Research, the blockchain technology market has seen significant numbers over the past 10 years. Especially worldwide, the financial services segments will dominate the market in 2020 and account for more than 38% of the global share of sales if operational activities use this technology. The global blockchain technology market is forecast to reach nearly $ 394 billion by the end of 2028. Hence, considering its applicability and the financial sector in general, the blockchain is gradually asserting its strength and appeal as it greatly enhances new opportunities in the financial sector.

5ROI Global takes advantage of the market opportunities and potential of the available technology and brings the inevitable values ​​of the blockchain into financial products. With the aim of developing and delivering intelligent solutions to users from applying blockchain technology to creating breakthroughs for exchanges and investment methods.

The turning point of 500,000 users and a strategy to support technology startups

The acceleration of 5ROI Global is evident when it has quickly achieved significant successes after only 3 months since its official launch in June 2021. In early September, the 5ROI system marked a major milestone when the exchange attracted 500,000 users. Added to this is the positive feedback from the international community from Indonesia, India, Turkey, Brazil, Synthetic Team … In general, with the success in the first stage that 5ROI has achieved, a new turning point has opened up signals into the future.

Along with the goal of becoming a multi-need application where users can easily access the most optimized activities. 5ROI also hopes to expand its platform with opportunities to collaborate with startups. Accordingly, one of the missions of 5ROI Global is to support startup projects, startups in the blockchain space to access large capital from the community, large mutual funds and potential clients. For this reason, 5ROI starts IEO implementation on the 5ROI IEO platform, which helps projects grow their customer base quickly and easily reach partners and investors worldwide.

The cryptocurrency trading platform 5ROI Global reaches more than 500000

Mr. David Do – Managing Director at 5ROI Global

The expectation of blockchain startups for 5ROI is a symbiotic relationship. New projects, especially those in real life such as e-commerce, educational applications, must be able to overcome all barriers to development in the world market. Comment on this investment direction, Mr. David Do – Managing Director at 5ROI Global announced: 5ROI Global invests in companies, our strategy is to grow together, it’s like a herd of unicorns growing together because we are not alone. “

ROI chain implementation and development plan to become a financial super application

As digital approaches increasingly come into the focus of blockchain technology, with the strength of a strong international community and a solid foundation of partners and investors from Dubai. 5ROI Global is inspired to develop business from the spirit of Dubai by using leading technology to realize its plan to become a financial super application that can meet the needs of all users such as: payments, transactions, consumer credit, real estate, insurance , Health, education or even travel.

In addition, 5ROI Global and its parent company Head Capital have decided to use ROI Chain as a supporting platform for projects in the blockchain area. Startup project support plans are also one of the first steps in helping 5ROI Global create a business ecosystem that fits 5ROI Global, from which companies can leverage the new blockchain platform that 5ROI is using. Global will begin launching in 2022.

Finally, the multi-application financial and cryptocurrency trading platform 5ROI Global has made significant strides in shaping investor expectations for a multi-application cryptocurrency trading platform and global development.

Disclaimer: This is a press release, not investment advice. You must find out carefully before trading, we are not responsible for your investment decisions.

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