Market turned upside down with fake news Walmart cooperates with Litecoin, LTC price rises and falls

Recently there was news that Walmart Inc., the No. 1 retailer in the United States and the largest grocery store in the world, notification A massive partnership with Litecoin that potentially enables millions of buyers around the world to seamlessly pay using crypto.

A number of major mainstream news sites have reported on this partnership, including Reuters, CNBC and is special GlobeNewswire, a worldwide press release distribution service.

However kNo official Walmart sources have confirmed this news. It all comes from the same blog that sparked the rumors that Amazon, Walmart and Apple took over Bitcoin a few months ago. Obviously a trap to manipulate the price and then blow it in the face of the traders.

WOMENA Walmart spokesman has just confirmed it CNBC that the press release is wrong.

The official Litecoin Twitter account also tweeted about this “missing” good news, but has now been deleted.

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When the news broke, LTC trading volume soared nearly 100% to $ 4.7 billion and LTC price soared nearly 20% to a three-month high of $ 233.06. But the joy was short-lived, the fake news resulted in the price reversing sharply on Binance to $ 180, creating a long wick on the 1D chart.

Market turned upside down with fake news Walmart cooperates with

Source: TradingView

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