Review EverRise ($RISE) – The Foundation Of The EverRise Ecosystem

If you have been following the cryptocurrency marketplace in the last few days, you may have noticed one of the biggest gainers: EverRise (RISE).

EverRise coin has risen ever higher in the last 24 hours, climbing more than 20% and attracting the interest of many investors. This latest surge consolidates a steady sequence of progress for RISE coin after it launched a few days ago.

In this article, we’ll discuss information about the EverRise project and RISE token

Project Concept – What’s EverRise?

EverRise is the first to introduce the original buyback mechanism in the cryptocurrency space. With over 1700 tokens now including a buyback function in their tokenomics, it is clear EverRise’s innovations are already revolutionizing the DeFi space.

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What’s RISE?

EverRise is establishing the new standard of DeFi tokenomics with its innovative Buyback and burn system and revolutionary use-cases.

So far 267,567,100,419,681 tokens have been burnt, 26.76% of the circulating supply. As all of these tokens were on the market, being bought and sold, this creates a true supply constriction which makes EverRise Hyper-Deflationary.

Outstanding features

How does the buyback work?

EverRise (RISE), which made its debut on June 22, 2021, on the indices, is catching the attention of investors as the coin is just two months old and has the potential to hit it big.

The token works on a new standard of DeFi tokenomics and boasts of an innovative ‘buyback’ function and burn system in an effort to revolutionize space.

The RISE buyback function which is known as ‘The Kraken’ acts as a safety net when the whales dump their holdings by funding a 6% strategic buyback fee which is then injected back to the token.

When the ‘buyback’ function gets to work, it automatically buys back and burns tokens after every sell transaction and the amount is added to the liquidity pool. The activity creates a true burn that guarantees the price per token will increase each time the ‘buyback’ is activated

‘The Kraken’ allows them to maintain a stable price during the downward market trends and fights off manipulations, whale dumps, and secures itself for a race towards the long run.


The dev team at EverRise is building plans to create novel Dapps that will address major problems within the DeFi industry. Currently, it is focusing its energies on two major solutions:


The solution focuses on the problems within the DeFi industry. It has been observed that many projects, particularly the new ones, forgo the ownership of their contract to gain the trust of communities which can hinder the growth of the project as exchanges require some minor tweaks in the contract to list.

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The RISE Token

EverOwn will allow the community to vote to give back the contract to make the adjustments. As a result, the developers will gain 100% community trust without renouncing the contracts.

EverLock + EverSale

In order to run pre-sales and lock liquidity pools, EverLock and EverSale are the Dapps that will make it happen in the future.

Technical Data

EverRise token ($RISE or RISE) is a collateralized cryptocurrency that grants investors holding RISE instant rewards on all transactions, and protects them with its unique buyback and burn protocol.

Key metrics $RISE or RISE

  • Ticker: $RISE or RISE
  • Blockchain: Defi
  • Fundraising Goal: TOKEN
  • The token has an interesting 11% transaction fee on all buys, sells, and transfers that help ensure the project’s longevity and development.
  • 2% of every transaction fee is redistributed within the ecosystem to the token holders to incentivize holding.
  • 3% of every transaction is used as marketing tax for ensuring EverRise reaches the ear of potential users.
  • 6% of the transaction fee is reserved for the strategic buyback fund that ensures the stability of the token price and to buy back and burn tokens.

Token Allocation

  • 1000000000000000: 1 QUADRILLION INITIAL SUPPLY
  • PRIVATE SALE: 18.5%
  • PRE-SALE: 40%
  • LIQUIDITY: 32%
  • 110,000,000,000: PRIVATE SALE PRICE
  • 100,000,000,000: PRE-SALE PRICE
  • 100,000,000,000: PANCAKESWAP PRICE

Token Sale


Token Use

everrise cryptocurrency coin token protocol tokenomics
The RISE Token Use Case

How to own the token?

Markets and community

  • Listed on CMC, CoinGecko & Blockfolio
  • 4K BNB Presale sold out in 10 seconds
  • 59K+ Holders
  • 32K+ Members on Telegram
  • $45m+ Market Cap
  • $10M 24hr Volume
  • $2M+ “Kraken” Strategic Reserves (6.7k BNB)
  • $9.8M used in Strategic buy-back burns
  • Listed in 3 Exchanges: BKEX, LBANK & ZT Global (though buy on Pancakes Wap )
  • Code audited by Certik and Techrate
  • Big marketing wallet for non-stop promotion
  • 2nd July NY Times Square Billboard
  • Luna PR as an agency of record
  • Most searched token on CoinMarketCap
  • Donated $100,000 to Binance Charity Fund
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The RISE Token: The Foundation Of The EverRise Ecosystem

Team Founder

Suresh Maddineni (Titan) is the developer of EverRise’s revolutionary code. The other members of the EverRise Core Team are Justin Tyler (Lord TJ), Wasso, Dr Aleksi Ollikainen-Read (Guard), and David Gokhshtein.

The RISE Token: The Foundation Of The EverRise Ecosystem

Advisors & Investors


Conclusions and analysis

There are 3 advantages:

  • Raise in Value:

After the tokens from the Liquidity pool are bought, the new BNB amount is added to the pool and the amount of the tokens are reduced, which results in an increase in price.

  • Free BNB:

Once those tokens are burnt, it is like adding free BNB to the pool as there are no tokens to sell in the future.

  • Trust & Reliability:

Investors can be relentlessly hesitant, and often get spooked by a bearish market.

Because of the Buyback, Investors will never see more than 2 Sells at any time and 98% of the time, they will only see one Sell as there will always be a Buy from the contract.

RISE’s all-time high occurred earlier this week, at $0.000000049167. If the price movement continues, then EverRise is very likely to regain this price or even rise further.

The EverRise community is growing rapidly and the platform has gained traction and recognition in the crypto ecosystem. EverRise is a project of its kind that promises significant opportunities for users

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