Bedrock Upgrade On Optimism Paused Due To Detecting Bugs

Key Points:

  • Optimism’s major upgrade, Bedrock, was delayed due to some bugs in the beta.
  • The project has discovered two moderate bugs that need only minor tweaks.
  • Although it does not affect the assets bridged across the network, it must be removed to prevent risks.
On the evening of April 18, Optimism Developer Op Labs announced that the release of the Bedrock upgrade might be delayed because of the discovery of several bugs in the beta.
Bedrock Upgrade On Optimism Paused Due To Detecting Bugs

Optimism officially suspended the countdown for the Bedrock upgrade, and the decision to delay the upgrade was announced after the development team discovered 2 bugs in the medium dump.

According to the announcement, the severity of these two errors is in the medium range and requires only a few minor tweaks, so it does not affect the assets bridged back and forth across the network. However, the security attack vector will need to be removed to avoid future inadequacies.

Note that the protocol will announce the Upgrade Date at least 3 weeks in advance via tweets, document updates and 1:1 with node vendors.

This is not the first time Bedrock has been delayed, as Optimism once expected this upgrade to be implemented as soon as 2022. But the process of proposing to the community has been pushed back after market events.

Bedrock Upgrade On Optimism Paused Due To Detecting Bugs

As mentioned in an earlier Coincu News article, its governing body, Token House, voted to approve the upgrade of the Optimism Bedrock mainnet. Voting round 11 has ended, and two votes were passed to Token House, and both were passed. Voter turnout for this proposal was the highest in OP Governance history.

Bedrock is an upcoming major upgrade of the network that aims to provide unprecedented modularity, simplicity, and Ethereum parity to the L2 network, positively impacting performance and security.

This codebase will help Optimism stand the test of time and prepare for a multi-chain future. It is also the foundation that made Optimism the first truly Decentralized EVM Compilation.

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