A man offered to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s if Elon Musk’s company accepts Bitcoin Cash

On April 20th, the Bitcoin Cash community buzzed about a Video from a Youtube channel called “1stMil.com”. The YouTuber was in a Tesla dealer parking lot and stated in his most recent video that if Elon Musk can get Tesla to accept Bitcoin Cash, he will intend to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s.

111 Tesla Model 3s are bought when Elon Musk asks Tesla to accept Bitcoin Cash

Not that long ago, Tesla announced it would accept Bitcoin for payment, and also mentioned that the coins will be kept by fiat without being sold.

The owner of the Youtube channel that taught people how to make their first million dollars wanted Elon Musk to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in exchange for an offer to buy 111 cars. He’s a Tesla fan and the Model 3 can be seen in many of his previous videos.

Man offers to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s if he accepts Bitcoin Cash

1stMil.com YouTube Host Promises to Buy 111 Tesla Cars If Elon Musk Makes Tesla Accept Bitcoin Cash

The owner of 1stMil.com vlogging for three years and his hobby is teaching others about financial freedom.

A 2021 Tesla Model 3 with a base MSRP of about $ 38,500. The cost of buying 111 will cost him more than $ 4.2 million.

The YouTuber was also present in the Tesla dealer’s parking lot, showing a wallet on his cell phone that contained enough BCH to buy 3 Tesla Model 3 cars.

The 1stMil.com host said, “As you can see, I’m back with Tesla. They don’t know I’m here, and I want to surprise everyone at Tesla, especially Elon Musk. To celebrate 10x Bitcoin Cash, me and a friend of mine who are Bitcoin Cash backers came up with a great idea how to get Elon Musk to accept Bitcoin Cash for payment. “

Many Bitcoin Cash holders have a lot of money and want to spend it

The host of 1stMil.com also stated that Tesla will accept Bitcoin for payment and not convert it into fiat.

“That was my suggestion. Not just me, but many other Bitcoin Cash holders have a lot of money … we want to spend it. Let me make a promise, Elon … If you accept Bitcoin Cash I’ll call Tesla … Then I’ll officially commit to buying 111 Tesla Model 3. Yes, you heard that right. , 111 Tesla Model 3 “.

YouTuber hopes Elon Musk can tweet that Tesla is accepting Bitcoin Cash for payment.

This video was very popular on Reddit forum r / btc with over 500 positive votes and several BCH supporters discussing the video.

“I live in the same town as this guy,” wrote one Redditor. “Please leave him a comment on the video if he would like to help launch Bitcoin Cash locally. Nice to know that there are other Bitcoin Cash supporters nearby. ”After the video, 1stMil.com published two more videos on YouTube on the same topic.


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