Nexus Mutual Review: Best Smart Contract Protection Product In Defi Insurance

While waiting for Defi to grow stronger, along with the risks of smart contract hacking, protocol attacks, and fraud, Nexus Mutual has brought great meaning to the Defi insurance field. Nexus leverages blockchain technology, especially Ethereum, to enable users worldwide to share insurance risks, bypassing traditional insurers jointly. By becoming members of each other, individuals can access various features. In this Nexus Mutual review, let’s find out through the article below.
Nexus Mutual Review: Best Smart Contract Protection Product In Defi Insurance
Nexus Mutual Review

In this review, we will discuss how Nexus Mutual can protect against smart contract vulnerabilities, participate in staking for rewards, and participate in platform governance. Additionally, we will explore the role of Nexus Mutual’s native token, NXM, in this pioneering ecosystem.

What is Nexus Mutual?

Hugh Karp founded Nexus Mutual and is a UK-based decentralized insurance platform. Nexus Mutual offers unique insurance products, starting with smart contracts that protect users from financial loss due to the misuse of store-of-value contracts.

The Financial Conduct Authority (Bank of England) also approves them of using the protected word “mutual” in their company names.

Nexus aims to simplify and innovate the insurance industry. Its first product, smart contracts included, allows purchasing members to protect against the misuse of smart contracts by others.

With plans to expand into more mainstream products, Nexus Mutual started building its platform focusing on earthquake hedging. As the platform continues to grow, it is expected to attract more users looking for innovative and transparent insurance solutions.

What does Nexus Mutual include?

Nexus Mutual is a user-friendly platform offering insurance-like packages to protect people from various risks in decentralized (DeFi) and centralized (CeFi) financial systems. Smart Contract Insurance’s main offering protects against unexpected incidents with smart contracts that can cause significant financial losses.

This protection covers situations where weaknesses in the smart contract code are exploited, rendering funds unrecoverable. Nexus Mutual members can purchase insurance for different risks using resources from one or more groups which users contribute.

Nexus Mutual Review: Best Smart Contract Protection Product In Defi Insurance
Nexus Mutual Review: Comprehensive Cover

Available Nexus Mutual review offers include:

  • Protocol Cover
  • ETH Staking Cover
  • Yield Token Cover
  • Custody Cover
  • D&O Cover (Coming Soon)
  • Real World Risk (Coming Soon)

How does Nexus Mutual work?

To start with Nexus Mutual review, this allows community members to purchase Covers against specific Smart contract risks. This is an attractive proposition, but how does it perform this task? Go to their website and click “Buy Cover” from the homepage. You will decide the specific protocol you want to cover. Includes all major Defi protocols from 1inch exchange, yEan Finance, Opyn and many more.

Once you’ve completed that stage, choose the coverage you want and the time period. After completing this step, if you are not an existing member, you will be asked to join Support. Before becoming a Nexus Mutual member, you must pay 0.002ETH and complete standard KYC/AML processes.

Nexus Mutual Review: Best Smart Contract Protection Product In Defi Insurance
Modeling traditional insurance versus Nexus Mutual cover

Being a member also means that you are the owner of the Nexus Mutual token (NXM). All members are responsible for adjudicating governance proposals, complaints, and all risk assessments. Members must assess the level of risk associated with each smart contract. In the case of mining, members will vote to decide if the claim is legitimate and thus claim payment.

Nexus Mutual members can also stake their tokens with certain Smart contracts proportional to how secure the member thinks his smart contract is. The more NXM tokens that are staked on a particular Smart contract, the cheaper it is for other members to buy insurance. In theory, that means that Nexus community members have put real money at risk by saying that a particular smart device is a low risk.

Once the claim is initiated, NXM holders will be asked to vote on whether the claim (hacking Smart contract) is legitimate. Voting in line with a broader consensus will earn holders more NXM tokens, while voting against consensus will lock down the voter’s tokens for a period of time. Any user attempting to make requests that fall outside the definition of coverage may have their tokens destroyed.

Nexus Mutual Review: Smart Contract Covers

Buying insurance is an important activity of Nexus Mutual token members, and users can also purchase covers to protect against any common smart contract risks. After the user has purchased insurance, that specific amount of insurance is transferred to the Capital Pool.

This whole process of stocking Nexus Mutual will gradually help you to indicate certain financial situations of the entire mutual group.

You can purchase Next Mutual crypto smart contract by visiting Nexus Mutual’s official website by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Select the option “Get a quote” from the official website.
  • Now select the option “Buy Covers” from the main panel.
  • You must enter the smart contract address to purchase the cover.
  • Now enter your amount in Ether or Dai (USD), your fixed amount.
  • Finally, enter the time period for which you want to take coverage.

Nexus Mutual Review: Tokenomics

What is NXM token?

The NXM token acts as a governance token for the Nexus Mutual protocol. You can use this token to buy covers, vote on governance decisions, or participate in Risk and Claims Assessments.

  • Capital Efficiency: Coding parties allow a scalable way to raise risk capital, with a model that encourages capital outflow only when required.
  • Incentives: With all members benefiting from the platform’s success, the right incentives promote community spirit rather than the existing adversarial and unbalanced relationship between individuals and the organization.
  • Value and Performance: Token prices are linked to adoption and underlying activity by the two parties rather than speculation.

The NXM token even plays an essential role in incentivizing the supply of capital and representing ownership of the common capital. As the Nexus Mutual pool starts to grow, the NXM value will start to increase accordingly. You can determine the price of the token with the help of the affiliate curve.

NXM Token Utility


  • 90% of NXM is used to buy burned covers.
  • 10% is retained by the member and can be used as a deposit when submitting a request.


  • NXM is the voting weight in governance.
  • Participating in the vote earns NXM.
  • Voting locks tokens from exchange and transfer for a period of time.

Request rating

  • NXM can be staking to vote on requests.
  • Voting with consensus earns NXM coins.
  • Voting against consensus will lock the stakes for a more extended period of time.
  • Vote cheat, and stakes will be burned.

Risk assessment

  • NXM can fight any Smart Contract to reduce the COVER price.
  • When buying COVER, the seller earns NXM coins.
  • Some stakes will be burned if a valid claim occurs within 250 days.

How do I file a complaint with Nexus Mutual?

Nexus Mutual Review: Best Smart Contract Protection Product In Defi Insurance

During the coverage, the user can claim easily on a specific cover. This claim can only be made within 35 days after the coverage period ends. No specific determination needs to be made based on the cap holder’s damage. Insurance holders must stake a minimum value of 5% of their NXM tokens to submit a claim.

The temporary loss would pose a great threat to the variously high expectations of automated market making. This threat of Temporary Loss is visible if there is some significant change in the overall price of the assets farmers have bet on the liquidity pool.

Nexus Mutual Review: Development team

Nexus Mutual Review: Best Smart Contract Protection Product In Defi Insurance
Nexus Mutual Review: Development team
  • Hugh Karp – The company was founded by Hugh Karp, an insurance expert and Blockchain enthusiast, in 2011.
  • Roxana Danila – Roxana Danila is the CTO, and she has over five years of experience leading and building software products. It was previously powered by Entrepreneur First & Tech Lead at Facebook. Get into crypto before it cools.
  • Board members include Nikita Arora, Reinis Melbardis, Graeme Thurgood, Nick Munoz-McDonald, and Kayleigh Petrie as the chief communications officer.
  • With over 22 years of experience in the financial services sector, Steve Barker – Founder and CEO of SwapForex, serves as the project advisor.
  • Evan Van Ness, the founder of, is also an advisor.


Defi insurance was born in response to the recent history of all the famous hacking scam cases. These cases are caused by stolen funds or loss of private keys or client access.

If the cryptocurrency wants to advance to the primary trend, it is necessary to mitigate all these losses from specific attacks. All users who have managed all their funds themselves are not protected against holdings. In addition, some Defi smart contracts are untested, and they even contain some security holes.

With the increase in DeFi and the total value locked, being able to execute insurance contracts on smart contracts worth millions of dollars is unquestionable. Nexus has taken an innovative approach in its attempt to provide insurance for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Nexus Mutual (NXM) has the potential to revolutionize the Defi space by insuring against the risks associated with smart contracts. It has established itself as a pioneer in the field of decentralized insurance.

It has successfully reimagined traditional insurance models by leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, promoting greater transparency, trust, and accessibility. While not without challenges, Nexus Mutual’s unique approach to governance and risk sharing is a testament to the potential of DeFi and the future of insurance.

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