Top 9 Play-to-Earn Games Not To Be Missed

Play-to-earn gaming is one of the fastest growing segments of the cryptocurrency market. In 2020, during the quarantine period due to the epidemic, the players showed great interest and even continued afterwards.

According to DappRadar, daily activity in all crypto games on desktop, Android and iOS phones increased by 35% from January to December 2020 – to 718,000 users. Market cap grew even faster (191%) and ended the year at $ 173.5 million per day.

In early 2021, the NFT wave swept across the gaming world. According to a recent report from Statista, total NFT trading volume reached $ 22 billion in August, up from $ 338 million in January. Much of this money is focused on the game by providing unique collectibles for in-game items.

Making money with NFT games is getting more and more interesting. In Battle Pets, for example, pets are represented as tokens. Players can collect, grow, breed, arrange battles between pets, or sell them by withdrawing their earned cryptos into their wallets.

The following review of the 9 best play-to-earn games that will make real money in 2021 has been compiled by crypto market research firm BDC Consulting. Rating based on data from Coinecko and Token Terminal.

Axie infinity

Inspired by Pokémon and Tamagotchi, Axie Infinity has the largest daily activity growth in 2020 – 810%. The project became so popular that it consistently outperformed the hottest applications on the Ethereum network in terms of the number of transactions in the log by August 2021.


The massive weekly trading volume (starting at $ 100,000) in September 2021 was $ 1.29 million.

The way to make money

There are 2 ways to make money in the Axie Infinity game:

  • Breed and make Axie fight.
  • Sell ​​axes to other players.

To play you need two wallets, MetaMask and Ronin. ETH is transferred from MetaMask Wallet to Ronin and exchanged for WETH.

Electronic money

A player receives 1 SLP (Axie Infinity’s internal cryptocurrency) for winning a game against the computer. You can get up to 100 SLPs per day and then use them to grow or sell for $ 0.064 at the time of writing. This price also applies to the purchase of tokens and the SLP is burned after being spent.

There is also another currency in the game: AXS. They are used for in-game trading and are not burned after trading. AXS is granted to users who spend time in the game.

How to play

Each Axie is an NFT. You can sell eggs from crossbreeds or raise them into full creatures. Eggs can sell for $ 300 or more, and the adult Axie prices even rise to tens of millions of dollars.

You must buy at least 3 Axies or three eggs to play Axie Infinity. The minimum investment is approximately $ 900 at current prices. Eggs turn into larvae for a few days, and then into offspring, and then into a complete axie. Players will have to pay a $ 2 fee each time they transition through the growth phases.

Once you have an adult Axie, you can take part in battles that take place through playing cards. Each Axie has its own characteristics and classes that give them certain advantages.


Working on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain, CryptoBlades is a fighting game where you have to create and equip characters. This is one of the most popular NFT game projects today, they pay users a total of $ 3 million a day. CryptoBlades’ decentralized in-app (DApp) transaction volume is $ 99.65 million per month.


The way to make money

Players earn income from battle wins, in-game items, and character sales (NFT). A connected MetaMask wallet is required to play. Users first buy BNB and then exchange them for CryptoBlades’ internal token – SKILL. With this money you can buy characters and weapons and carry out all internal operations in the game.

You will get around 0.05 SKILL if you win the battle and the rewards will vary depending on the level of the player. Tokens can be used in-game, sold on exchanges, or withdrawn. The withdrawal fee is 15% and decreases by 1% after each day.

In addition, staking is also a way of making money with CryptoBlades. There is a bug that has not yet been fixed: if you choose to stake for 7 days, you can add an unlimited number of SKILLs and withdraw them to your wallet with no fees.

Electronic money

At press time, the CryptoBlades cryptocurrency is trading at $ 16.86. In the last 30 days alone, SKILL has fallen by almost 60%.

How to play

You need to purchase 7 SKILLs (around USD 112 at current prices) to start playing. The essence of the game is to defeat enemies and take part in raids to get rewards for successful actions.

You can create and upgrade characters and weapons (NFT), hire more heroes, and trade existing items and characters in the open market. All characters and their equipment are related to one of four factors – each one is strong or weak compared to the others. The outcome of the fight depends on this characteristic and the level of the player.

Extraterrestrial worlds

The crypto game Alien Worlds is growing the fastest and is one of the most popular games in the DApp market. Proof that more than 2.7 million existing players and approximately 745,000 new members are added every month.


Alien Worlds is the only game project that works simultaneously in 3 networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and WAX. However, all payment transactions and technical processes run via WAX, a blockchain with fast processing speed and low fees. The massive (starting at $ 100,000) weekly in-game trading volume is $ 5.74 million as of September 2021.

The way to make money

Users can mine Alien Worlds in-house cryptocurrency – TLM – and trade various items in NFT format. This process requires a WAX wallet and mining does not require active player participation. In Alien Worlds, you don’t have to think about how to withdraw money. Mined tokens appear immediately in the user’s wallet.

How much you can make in Alien Worlds depends on the initial investment. Alien Worlds mining players’ earnings can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars per month. At the moment, the game’s full functionality has not yet been revealed, but the developers promise to add battles with other participants, quests with friends, and other options.

In the meantime, users have another way of making money using TLM and it takes 48 hours to get their used coins back.

Electronic money

WAX tokens are used to pay fees and stakes in the game. It is also used to buy and sell all NFTs (Land, Weapons, Avatars and Objects).

In the game, players are given TLM which they can use to purchase items, complete quests, and make money. The maximum supply of TLM is 10 billion. There are currently around 0.9 billion tokens in circulation, with a current value of $ 0.16.

How to play

The core of the game is mining (but there will be more fighting soon). You can get crypto on 6 planets of this metaverse by buying land parcels (NFT). Owners can set their own rules for mining TLM on the website and receive fees when other players mine on their land.

Players need at least one character, a shovel, to mine tokens and start the game in Alien Worlds. In one approach, it creates 0.1 TLM. By purchasing new tools, you can increase mining efficiency up to 500 TLM at a time.


Splinterlands is a collectible crypto card game powered by the Hive blockchain. As per the instructions, players collect Rare Monster Cards (NFTs) to battle with other participants. The project was enthusiastically received in many countries and translated into Russian. Every month more than 96.7 thousand players visit and the total trading volume exceeds $ 67.2 million.


The way to make money

The main income of the players is the sale of NFT tokens, with many cards on the market valued as high as $ 7,000. You can also earn in Splinterlands by participating in battles, building NFTs, staking out, and renting out to others.

The winners of the game will receive DEC tokens which, after exchanging for TRX, can be used to purchase items, sell or cash out. There is another cryptocurrency in the Splinterlands, the SPS. So far, it’s just a staking token that is given to players on a daily basis for exceptional achievements.

The amount of money earned depends on the activity and luck of the player. Some players come across rare cards that immediately pay all costs, and others use the item to take part in battles. Each fight lasts one to two minutes and the winner receives up to $ 1 depending on the rating.

Electronic money

The DEC token will cost around $ 0.005 as of September 2021 and will be traded on the Uniswap and Tron exchanges. On the other hand, at press time, SPS can be bought and sold on 7 trading platforms for $ 0.52.

How to play

You can start playing for free, but it is recommended that you purchase the quest book. Completing it will give you chests that you can use to make money. Each chest contains potions, Splinterlands tokens (DEC) or NFT tokens.

Using the Splinterlands potion can increase the number of chests or increase the chances of finding “golden” and “legendary” NFTs.

Battles take place automatically. Before each competition, the player chooses a “summoner” and a “monster” according to the “energy” determined by the game.


The R-PLANET game also includes NFT and is based on the WAX ​​blockchain. In it, the player travels to Mars to prepare for colonization. On the way they have to create new things in order to be able to settle in a new home. After completing each of these items, the user will receive an NFT.


The game started in late 2020 and has a lot of fans. Every month the platform has 37.5 thousand active participants. Currently, the total 30-day trade volume completed is $ 4.6 million.

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