Starknet Cairo v2.3.0 Version Introduces Components To Enhance Scalability

Key Points:

  • Starknet Cairo v2.3.0 introduces modular components for Ethereum contracts, enhancing scalability.
  • Cairo language, used in Starknet and StarkEx, sees substantial developer growth, expanding its utility beyond blockchain.
  • Starknet announces significant changes to its Feeder gateway in Q4 2023, solidifying its role in Ethereum expansion.
Starknet, a prominent Ethereum expansion solution, has unveiled exciting developments in its programming language, Starknet Cairo v2.3.0, with the introduction of groundbreaking components.
Starknet Cairo v2.3.0 Version Introduces Components To Enhance Scalability

Starknet Cairo v2.3.0 Components Are Introduced

Starknet Cairo v2.3.0 marks a significant leap forward in the modularization of contracts, enhancing the functionalities of smart contracts through the addition of functions, storage capabilities, and event management. Components offer a dynamic approach to achieving extensibility, allowing third-party modules to enrich contract capabilities.

Cairo, the language behind STARK-provable programs for general computation, serves as the driving force behind Starknet and StarkEx, enabling the scaling of applications on the Ethereum Mainnet. Notably, it has played a pivotal role in supporting applications like dYdX, Sorare, Immutable X, and more.

Cairo Language Surges in Popularity

The growth of Cairo has been nothing short of remarkable, with a remarkable 875% increase in the number of full-time developers over the past two years and an 83% year-on-year rise. This growth underscores its versatility, as Cairo’s applications extend beyond blockchain, finding utility whenever proof of computation is required. As such, developer adoption of Cairo is poised for further expansion.

In a forward-looking move, Starknet has also announced significant plans for the fourth quarter of 2023, involving substantial changes to its Feeder gateway. These developments promise to keep Starknet at the forefront of Ethereum’s evolving landscape, cementing its position as a key player in blockchain innovation.

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