Weekly Top Crypto News (September 25 – October 1)

It was a rather volatile week for the crypto market, but Bitcoin remained stable compared to last week. Spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs are still under SEC review. Here, let’s review this week’s top crypto news with Coincu!
Weekly Top Crypto News (September 25 – October 1)

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Purchase: Surpasses $4.68 Billion Investment Mark

MicroStrategy added $147.3 million worth of Bitcoin, now holding over 158,000 BTC valued at $4.68 billion. Michael Saylor champions Bitcoin’s role as digital gold and a Treasury reserve asset.

Mixin Network Puts $20M Reward on $200M Hack!

Mixin network issued an update on the theft incident, shedding light on their swift response and the unexpected turn of events. Proactive measures and cooperation with experts lead to a less severe situation than feared.

HTX Global Hack: $8 Million Loss, Hiring Attackers As Security Advisor

HTX Global hack swiftly recovers from an $8 million crypto hack, ensuring the safety of user assets. The platform offers a substantial reward to incentivize the hacker’s cooperation, potentially hiring them as a security advisor. Legal action will be taken if the stolen funds are not returned within seven days.

Valkyrie Ethereum Futures ETF Receives U.S. SEC Approval To Launch Next Week

SEC approves Valkyrie’s ETF switch to Bitcoin and Ethereum futures, a US first. “Valkyrie Bitcoin and Ethereum Strategy ETF” (BTF) launches on October 3rd. Investors gain access to Valkyrie Ethereum futures ETF, a notable milestone in cryptocurrency investments.

House Committee Champions Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Immediately As SEC Faces Grilling

The bipartisan House Committee pushes the SEC for spot Bitcoin ETF approval. Members urge immediate action and suggest dropping opposition to the Bitcoin ETFs.

VanEck Commits 10% of Ethereum ETF Gains for a Decade of Core Support

VanEck commits 10% of profits from its Ethereum ETF (EFUT) for 10 years to support Ethereum core contributors via the Protocol Guild. This long-term donation ensures continued development of the Ethereum network, benefiting approximately 150 vital contributors.

ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF Approval Delayed By SEC To Early Next Year

SEC delays decision on ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF and Global X Bitcoin Trust, signaling potential future delays for similar applications. Lawmakers pressed SEC to hasten spot Bitcoin ETF approval, but SEC cites the need for extended evaluation.

BTC/USDT Sudden Drop To $2707 Due To Kline Display Issue

Binance exchange witnessed a BTC/USDT sudden drop to $2707 due to a Kline display issue, and trading remained unaffected. The glitch was related to the UI aggregated Kline, not trading data. The issue was identified, and engineers estimated a 2-hour ETA for resolution.

Celestia Genesis Airdrop: 60 Million TIA Tokens Await

Celestia Genesis Airdrop will allocate 60 million TIA (6% of the total) to 7,579 developers and 576,653 addresses including early adopters. The snapshot ends on January 1, 2023.

Arbitrum Odyssey Relaunched With The First Week’s Tasks Are Now Available In GMX

Arbitrum, a leading blockchain platform, has officially announced the relaunch of its highly anticipated Arbitrum Odyssey campaign on the X platform. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the blockchain community, offering users a chance to explore and engage with the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Binance Exits Russia Amid Growing Legal Challenge

In a strategic move aligned with its compliance strategy, Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has entered into an agreement to sell its entire business operations in Russia to CommEX. This decision comes amid ongoing regulatory challenges and sanctions in the Russian market.

Former Multichain Engineer Launches New Project While $125M Lost Still Unanswered

Former Multichain engineer launches ValueRouter, a cross-chain project simplifying asset trading. ValueRouter unifies DeFi across mainstream chains, extending to real-world assets.

Latest Gemini Genesis News Reveals $282 Million Withdrawal Before Bankruptcy

The latest Gemini Genesis News shows Gemini withdrew $282 million from Genesis to secure its Earn program. Genesis faced bankruptcy, leading to a freeze on customer withdrawals. Legal battles and SEC charges added complexity to this Gemini-Genesis news.

Coinbase MiCA License Helps Enter Europe As US Regulatory Battles Escalate

The Coinbase MiCA License located in Europe is being evaluated. The choice hinges on securing a trusted and tier-one regulator. The MiCA license opens doors to the entire European market for crypto firms.

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