ASIA Dominates TheTop Rankings Of Blockchain Universities

This year, Asia investing in cryptocurrencies has become much more popular.

In addition to the interest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and some Altcoins, applications such as DeFi, NFT and blockchain technology have also grown strongly.

While many sought-after jobs in the crypto industry do not necessarily require a formal degree, many global universities have begun to offer degree opportunities in this field.

A ranking of the top 50 blockchain universities was recently published, in which well-known universities dominate Asia and European universities rise to the top. Berkeley and MIT are the top rated US schools.

The rankings look at aspects such as courses, research results, blockchain services on campus (such as student clubs and research centers), employment results, academic reputation, and academic reputation.

Overall, the National University of Singapore tops the table due to its many blockchain research centers, regular blockchain themed conferences, numerous blockchain clubs, corporate partnerships, and master’s degrees in digital financial technology.

The Asian representatives among the top 10 also include the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

RMIT in Melbourne took second place; European representatives included the University of Zurich, University College London (UCL) and ETH Zurich.

The best US schools are Berkeley (third) and MIT (fifth). Cornell, who finished second last year, is now 17th. Stanford, which was fourth in 2020, is now 12. Harvard, which was fifth last year, is now 49. This reflects stronger competition this time around and schools with a general reputation cuts don’t always do best when it comes to blockchain.

Blockchain University Ranking

valuation Name of the school Scores
First National University of Singapore 100
2 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 97.65
3 University of California, Berkeley 93.26
4th University of Zurich 91.66
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 91.57
6th Hong Kong Polytechnic University 84.30
7th University College London 81.54
8th Tsinghua University 79.20
9 Chinese University of Hong Kong 75.30
ten ETH Zurich 75.04
11 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 74.98
twelfth Stanford University 68.41
13th University of New South Wales 66.29
14th Hong Kong City University 66.13
fifteen Oxford University 65.47
16 Shanghai Jiaotong University 65.18
17th Cornell University 63.98
18th Delft University of Technology 63.85
19th Hong Kong University 61.97
20th University of Sydney 61.48
21 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne 60.78
22nd University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 60.10
23 Cambridge University 58.69
24 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 58.51
25th University of California, Los Angeles 58.40
26th Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 57.87
27 Zhongshan University 57.18
28 University of British Columbia 55.80
29 Peking University 54.15
30th University of Arizona 51.86
thirty-first Technical University of Munich 51.78
32 University of Edinburgh 51.77
33 Carnegie Mellon University 51.10
34 Melbourne University 50.95
35 Worcester Polytechnic Institute 50.77
36 Georgetown University 50.40
37 Fudan University 49.95
38 University of Southern California 49.57
39 Korea University 48.85
40 Imperial College London 48.59
41 New York University 48.55
42 Tokyo Institute of Technology 47.37
43 Warwick University 47.19
44 Fordham University 46.89
45 Columbia University 46.46
forty six Seoul National University 45.72
47 King Abdulaziz University 45.59
48 Monash University 44.05
49 Harvard University 43.89
50 Zhejiang University 43.37

This is the second year that CoinDesk has created this ranking. Last year they analyzed 46 schools in the US and placed the top 30. This year they analyzed 230 schools worldwide.

Research and teaching get better and better if we keep an eye on what the scientific institutions have to offer.

The aim of this ranking is to promote the exchange of best practices in teaching and other campus services.

China dominates list of 'most innovative' Asian universities

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