The rise of blockchain games has transformed the gaming industry by turning gamers into true financiers and decision-makers in the ecosystem. Play-to-earn gaming appears to be one of the biggest drivers for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption in the coming years, which is why today we have compiled a list of the most anticipated titles.

Five money making games are coming soon

The rise of NFT and the massive success of Axie Infinity, the most popular blockchain game to date, have put the play-for-money model at the center of the gaming market this year.

Axie’s AXS token has grown more than 2,000% since early July and currently has a market cap of around $ 7.6 billion. With over 2 million daily active players, the game is currently one of the top-grossing protocols in the crypto space, second only to Ethereum, with over $ 850 million in revenue from crypto transactions in the past 12 months.Axie’s growth shows a growing demand for blockchain games.

Several play-to-earn games came out in the past year.

While some failed, others like Gods Unchained, CryptoBlades, Splinterlands and Arc8 gained tremendous momentum. Many of those who started playing these games early have made significant profits so crypto speculators and gamers alike will have to look for the next big hit. The following is a list of five of the most promising titles to date.

# 1: Lightnite

Racing head-to-head with enemies can be one of the most fun ways to go, and that’s exactly what this game has to offer. Lightnite was developed by Satoshi’s Games and is an online multiplayer battle royale game similar to Fortnite. In it, every interaction between users in the game triggers a monetary reward or penalty. The beta version is already live, the full version is due to appear in November 2021.


Lightnite makes an interesting twist on the play-for-money model as its rewards go in two directions: players who are better at battle than others can earn bitcoins, while those who get shot lose bitcoin.

Lightnite uses Bitcoin’s Layer 2 Lightning Network solution to integrate microtransactions into the game. Each player’s balance can grow in real time as they win other players or pick up valuable items. Accordingly, if the player is shot or dies, the balance will decrease. Players can withdraw their funds to their wallet when exiting the game or spend it on whatever they want, including real and in-game items.

# 2: sandpit

Developed by Pixowl Inc., Sandbox is a virtual world that enables gamers to build, own, and monetize gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Sandbox players can buy and own land and develop their own games and virtual worlds within the game. You can also trade in-game items like NFT tickets to in-game concerts and theme parks.


The goal of Sandbox is to outperform current big titles like Minecraft and Roblox by giving players ownership of their creations in the form of NFTs and rewards for contributions to the ecosystem. The game’s limited beta is out, while the first launch of the Open Alpha is slated for late 2021.

The sandbox’s “limited” real estate is called LAND, and it is purchased using the protocol’s native token, SAND. This token has been issued and has a current market capitalization of around $ 700 million. In addition, players can also trade NFTs, which represent all kinds of Metaverse items, including avatar skins or goods that are sold in player’s own in-game shops.

While Sandbox is still under development and slated to hit the market in late 2022, some big names like the Winklevoss twins and game publisher Atari have already acquired large chunks of land in the game.

# 3: star atlas

Star Atlas is arguably the most anticipated blockchain game to date. As Bitcoin magazine mentioned, it is a next-generation Metaverse game platform that emerges from a combination of blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer RPG genres, and DeFi technologies.


Players will pilot spaceships whose crews travel across an open galaxy to discover new countries and asset classes. Once found, these assets can be mined, refined and traded on the marketplace. The in-game token enables players to exchange resources on the Star Atlas metaverse. In it, users use two tokens, Star Atlas (ATLAS) and Star Atlas DAO (POLIS).

# 4: Illuvium

Illuvium is an evolving Pokémon-inspired RPG universe where players can capture monsters called Illuvials or NFT-based alien monsters for ETH. The game is based on StarkWare’s Immutable X platform and is expected to be released towards the end of 2021.


One of the most unique aspects of Illuvium is that the main currency for in-game purchases will be ETH, while the native ILV token has almost nothing to do with game mechanics. Instead, it acts as a governance token and revenue share. For example, ILV holders can now use their tokens in the Illuvium Vault, which currently makes up to 63% profit from distribution. Additionally, the log will distribute 100% of the income from in-game purchases and fees to the Vault once the game is live.

If Illuvium has the same monthly revenue as Axie Infinity ($ 300 million), every ILV token deployed will hypothetically receive at least $ 30 / ILV / month.

# 5: Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a blockchain-based mobile role-playing game powered by NFT that allows players to assemble a dream team of Guardians to compete in guilds, raid dungeons, and craft unique assets to earn tradable rewards . The game was developed by Stepico and published by Immutable, the team behind Ethereum’s top-selling trading card game, Gods Unchained. Publication is planned for early 2022.


The game is one of the most anticipated projects in the field with over 140,000 players on the waiting list, 68,000 followers on Twitter and 66,000 members on Discord. Guild of Guardians also works with Ubisoft and works with Sandbox to maximize the chances of success.

Like other game-for-money titles, it has its own in-game token called Chain Guardians (CGG). The token acts as a utility and governance token and rewards players who actively participate in the ecosystem. In June, the Guild of Guardians also closed their first “NFT Founder Sale,” which includes a collection of NFTs that players can use to summon rare, epic, or legendary heroes that will be playable after the game is released.

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