Ethereum sales hit $ 800 million in just one month, well ahead of Axie Infinity and OpenSea

The revenue from the Ethereum protocol is sky high compared to the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity and other altcoin projects.

Data from Token Terminal shows that the log revenue of the smart contract platform over the past 30 days was 800.1 million Filecoin digital payment system ($ 15.8 million).

The great number of Ethereum comes after the blockchain started a major upgrade in preparation for ETH 2.0. More than $ 1 billion has been burned at ETH since the London hard fork was triggered in August, according to Kraken Exchange.

ETH’s hash rate also hit an all-time high on September 21, with miners’ earnings rising to $ 70 million in early September, amid increasing demand for NFTs and optimism about the future of Bitcoin.

Ethereum sales hit 800 million in just one month

The source: Token terminal

Despite finishing second, Axie Infinity’s AXS native token saw a surge in price after the personal worth of Sky Mavis developers is now reported to be $ 3 billion. The platform is well on its way to generating $ 1 billion in revenue from in-game transactions this year.

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