World Wide Web NFT source code sold for $ 5.4 million

The British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee sold the NFT version of the World Wide Web source code for 5.4 million dollars through the art auction house Sotheby’s.


Sotheby’s held a weeklong auction of the NFT source code 30 years ago that paved the way for the Internet as we know it today.

NFT of the World Wide Web source code sells for $ 5.4 million

The work, entitled “This Changed Everything,” contains a file of 9,555 lines of code, an animated version of the source code, and a letter from the creator of the World Wide Web. This NFT opening event officially ended on June 30th and attracted a total of 51 auctions. So far, the identity of the buyer and the payment method is still a mystery.

While $ 5.4 million is a lot of money, it’s still far from the $ 69 million record for Beeple’s “Everydays – The First 5000 Days”. This is the highest NFT value to date. If you include all works of art, this is the world’s third most expensive work by a contemporary author.

Additionally, $ 5.4 million is even lower than some observers predicted. Delphi Digital’s Piers Kicks said he expected the piece to sell for about $ 10 million. Kicks notes, “As Berners-Lee announced, he and his wife will donate the proceeds of the auction to charity.”

In a press release from Sotheby’s announced, Berners-Lee discussed the future of the internet and expressed the hope that the technology will remain open to be a constant source of creativity, technical innovation and societal transformation. These ideals were the inspiration that drove Berners-Lee into the NFT room.

“NFTs can be works of art or such digital artifacts. They are the funniest new creations in the field and the most suitable forms of ownership there are. “

The site’s source code auction isn’t the only multi-million dollar digital art sale held by a leading auction house this week. On June 30, Christie’s Auction closed a $ 2.1 million auction of transgender digital art. The work bears the title “Hello, I’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and this is my life”. These include five individual copies, each of which represents a year of development for the artist from 14 to 18 years of age – with the transition to the male gender. The works illustrate his struggle with loneliness while trying to be an artist.

Previously, in September 2020, FEWOCiOUS conducted the first crypto sale on the SuperRare marketplace for $ 6,000 and soon sold over $ 1 million worth of art on the Nifty Gateway. Total digital art market revenue fell from a high of $ 205 million in March to $ 18.3 million in June, which should also coincide with the ups and downs of the market, according to

Winklevoss’s own marketplace, Nifty Gateway, saw revenue decline 94% from a high of $ 145 million to $ 7.6 million. However, there are still some digital asset platforms that have flourished. For example, Hic et nunc saw sales grow 276% from $ 717,000 in March to $ 2.7 million in June, representing 14.7% of the market.

World Wide Web NFT source code sold for 54



According to Cointelegraph

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