26.4% of Australian investors hold Cardano, while Dogecoin is “hegemonic” in the USA

Finder, an Australian information service provider, recently carry out A survey of over 40,000 people in 22 countries to analyze crypto adoption rates and investor demographics to find out which cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are driving adoption around the world.

In releasing an accurate ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies for each country, Finder revealed that only Mexico is the country where women accept cryptocurrencies more than men.

Surveys are conducted monthly in the US, Australian, UK, Mexico, Germany and Canada and quarterly in all other countries.

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The global acceptance of cryptocurrencies

Survey results have revealed key crypto trends around the world as adoption continues to gain momentum around the world. Currently, more than one in ten (11.4%) adults worldwide owns cryptocurrency.

“Nigeria has the highest crypto ownership rate in the world with 24.2% of the population, followed by Malaysia (18%) and Australia (17.8%).”

While the United States ranks 10th at 10.4%, Japan is the country with the lowest adoption rate, with just 4.6% of adults owning cryptocurrencies.

26.4% of crypto investors in Australia hold Cardano, while Dogecoin has the highest acceptance in the US

The most popular cryptocurrencies by country

“Among crypto owners, 76.7% of adults who own crypto in Japan say they own bitcoin. That is 1.3 times the global average acceptance rate of 58.9%. ”

Ethereum is widely accepted in Singapore at 52.4% while Cardano has the highest acceptance in Australia at 26.3%.

Binance Coin (BNB) has the highest acceptance in Indonesia with 26.9% and Dogecoin has the highest acceptance in the USA with 30.6%.

Investor demographics

Globally, men are 1.4 times more likely to own crypto than women, while around 41% of crypto owners are women and 59% are men.

If you dig deeper into the crypto adoption gap between women and men, Mexico emerges as the only country where more women (53.7%) own crypto than men (46.3%).

Meanwhile, adoption in Japan is mostly male-driven, with only 22.1% of women surveyed saying they own crypto.

26.4% of crypto investors in Australia hold Cardano, while Dogecoin has the highest acceptance in the US

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