Swash completes $ 7 million private registration round ahead of IDO

According to multiple sources, SWASH completed a private registration round with $ 7 million from major investors before going public later this month.

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Swash completes $ 7 million private registration round ahead of IDO

The swash team is preparing for the public sale of $ SWASH (IDO) through the Gnosis auction on October 29, 2021. The SWASH token will drive the new swash ecosystem and enable a wide range of solutions, the mission of a fairer, more equal internet comes closer to reality.

The process begins with the opening of access to the whitelist from October 11, 2021.

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The Swash team is pleased to announce that the private sale has officially ended, raising a total of $ 7 million in an oversubscription round. The capital increase included top venture capitalists and angel investors including KuCoin, Outlier Ventures and Streamr, with a total of 60 investors from 25 countries demonstrating enthusiasm and confidence in the Swash mission. The project has received an amazing level of interest and support resulting in an overwhelming number of registrations and a lot of excitement ahead of its public auction later this month.

The company is currently preparing to launch its IDO on October 29th, where crypto enthusiasts can participate in the public sale and become owners of SWASH, a native token from the Swash ecosystem.

Via the SWASH. Token

Swash is an ecosystem of tools and services that enables people, businesses, and developers to harness the hidden value of data by aggregating, securely sharing, and monetizing its value.

The SWASH token is based on 4 basic principles: motivation, trading, scaling and management. It will be an integral part of the Swash section, rewarding the members of the Data Union for the added value of their data, while also providing the opportunity to multiply those rewards through staking, product redemption, donation, etc.

Companies can access data in a sustainable and legal manner, and developers can easily configure and build systems within a collaborative development framework.

Swash is a movement to restore data ownership. Swash’s comprehensive data ecosystem will enable real collaboration and at the same time unlock a unique value system through innovative monetization mechanisms. The community that contributes to the system believes that people are valued for the data they generate and should hopefully become part of the future information economy that is for the benefit of all without compromising transparency, privacy or individual institutions.

The browser app enables users to control and monetize their data and sets the tone for the development of a number of other solutions, including enterprise CMI platforms (sIntelligence), build environments (sApps) and IT infrastructure. for data, scientists (sCompute). Swash IDO is part of an ambitious roadmap to shape the new data economy for people, developers and institutions that is supported by a dedicated network of consultants and investors.

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