A meme coin fork raised $ 60 million, but the money mysteriously disappeared

A restarted crypto project that raised $ 60 million overnight appears to have lost everything in a phishing attack.

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The project is called AnubisDAO and is advertised as a fork of OlympusDAO – a cryptocurrency that is backed by assets in its treasury. AnubisDAO was first announced on October 28th with the launch of the Discord server and Twitter account with just a few tweets. The fork is said to revolve around Anubis, an Egyptian god of death with a dog’s head, a trademark that resembles other dog-themed meme coins.

Despite the ambiguity and lack of a website, investors rushed to sell tokens for a total of $ 60 million in ETH.

The sale is expected to continue as more investors deploy the ETH and get Anubis (ANKH) tokens back over a 24 hour period.

But at 11:58 UTC – about 20 hours after the sale – the liquidity in the pool (which allows investors to buy and sell tokens) was cleared. The $ 60 million paid in to ETH so far were then sent to a different address.

A total loss of liquidity is a bad sign, and it is even worse to show up before the sale is complete – both geared towards pulling carpets or stealing money that has already been beaten.

Since money “flies without wings”, the price of ANKH has fallen to 0 because there is no liquidity. The graphic below was originally on the Copper website – where the token sale took place – but has since been removed.

A meme coin fork raised 60 million but the

Twitter detectives found a series of transactions that linked a receiving wallet to a Twitter account called @Beerus. Yesterday this Twitter account was deleted.

Since then, the owner of the Twitter account has been claiming – under an alternative account – that he may have been involved in a phishing attack. They shared a screenshot of an email from a person posing as crypto investor 0xSisyphus that has an attachment that may contain malicious code.

Investors who bought during the token sale were shocked by these events. 0xSisyphus tweeted that he was offering a reward of 1,000 ETH ($ 4.3 million) to find out who the owner of the address received the money. As usual, the project’s Discord channel got into a mess.

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