Sports and Cryptocurrency News: Week October 25 to October 31, 2021

Dallas Mavericks partners with Voyager, FTX is taking a huge leap forward in sports advertising and esports NFTs are on the way, etc. Much sports and crypto news has been compiled by Bitcoinist over the past week.

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Sports and Krypto News: Dallas Mavericks Partner with Voyager

Voyager is a cryptocurrency exchange that isn’t mentioned too often in the weekly newsletter. We could change that this week, however, as the Mark Cuban-owned Dallas Mavericks signed a five-year partnership with Voyager last week. The exchange will have the naming rights behind the Mavs Gaming Hub. In addition, Voyager and Mavs are launching a $ 100 BTC promotion for new users of the Voyager mobile app.


Sports and crypto news: A big hit in sports: $ 100,000 for the first half, payment in crypto

Everyone loves a good in-game promotion at their favorite sporting events. A cool t-shirt or maybe a voucher for a free meal is something that nobody can say no to. So how can you have $ 100,000 in crypto? One lucky fan won’t speak for the past week thanks to the partnership between Voyager and Dallas Mavs.


Sports and Krypto News: FTX with massive Super Bowl ads

FTX certainly did not shy away from exercise this year. The burgeoning stock market continued its run with a big step last week. FTX is making big bucks for a Super Bowl commercial in the playoffs this coming February. The Super Bowl audience last year was over 90 million, and upcoming ad slots are expected to bring in more than $ 6 million per slot. The biggest soccer game of the year is known for its entertainment and clever advertising. Let’s see what FTX brings.

FTX also made headlines this week when it secured a multi-year deal with retired Red Sox legend David Ortiz. Ortiz joins the ranks of Tom Brady and Steph Curry as additional FTX brand ambassadors.


Sports and crypto news: top shot with player engagement

This week Top Shot chooses the participation of the athletes. Sacramento Kings rookie Davion Mitchell turned into a defensive monster early in the NBA season that put top defenders like Donovan Mitchell and Damian Lillard on hold. There is great potential behind Mitchell and the Kings stacked guard.

Davion will be the first NBA athlete with fan engagement intertwined in her top shot moment. Top shot fans can vote which moment should be Mitchell’s first. Players like Ty Haliburton, Harrison Barnes, and De’Aaron Fox are also crypto and NFT fans. Top Shot also had a busy week the past week with their biggest coin release ever – over 200,000 new Dwayne Wade NFT coins.


Sports and Krypto News: Colombian Football Club Get Into Crypto

The first Colombian soccer club to step into crypto is here, with support from Chiliz and Accordingly, Chiliz and will team up with Millionarios FC for a new $ MFC fan token.

Chiliz and continue to dominate the global sports fan token market.


Sports and Cryptocurrency News: ESL Gaming Will Offer NFT Esports

The ESL Pro Tour is an important phase for CS: GO players. Now, ESL is partnering with ImmutableX, Ethereum’s Layer 2 NFT solution, to bring NFT to esports fans. In July, ESL merged with Coinbase – and given Coinbase’s recent investment in NFT, you shouldn’t be surprised if there is more cross-trading in this space in the future.


Sports and Crypto News: ESPN Not Ready For Crypto Ads

Despite the growing involvement of crypto advertising in sports, ESPN isn’t quite ready to test the waters just yet. Brand advertising in cryptocurrency is currently awaiting an internal review, according to a report in the Sports Business Journal this week. It is speculated that parent company Disney is simply cautious because of ESPN’s relationships with traditional financiers in the neighboring area.

Outside of sports and ESPN, Disney isn’t all that hesitant about crypto in general; The company is celebrating Disney + Day next month in a partnership with VeVe, which will feature a variety of Disney characters in NFT form.

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