Review Crabada ($CRA) – An exciting ​and promising IDO project won’t let you down on release day

Crabada is a game project that will officially debut for the first time on the Avalaunch IDO platform. This launch is compatible with the current tendency because the impact of gaming, and now GameFi on the blockchain space cannot be overstated. Gaming is simply too big an industry, and the blockchain is too abundant in opportunities, for it to be ignored. With the advent of “play-and-earn” and the buzzword, “GameFi” now in crypto users’ vernacular, this model represents a potent connection that could well last a very long time. What we are seeing is only the beginning, and it is one that the Avalanche ecosystem will play a significant role in delivering. Avalanche is attracting an increasing number of top-tier projects that require the low fee structure and near-instant finality of this powerful Layer-1.

What is Crabada?

Crabada is an exciting play-and-earn NFT game set in the future occupied by fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs. Players will rediscover the prosperous ancient Kingdom of Crabada and earn rewards through activities such as mining, looting, breeding, battling, exploring, crafting, and more.

This is an idle game, which means users can play it whenever and wherever they want with little disruption to their daily life. Furthermore, the gameplay also provides its players with not only entertainment but also financial value.

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Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Crabada NFT assets and core gameplay effectively combine to create an addictive and undeniably fun experience. The game’s goal is to bring an innovative play-and-earn model to market through a unique PvMP (Player Versus Player)-infused idle gameplay.

Users can mine, loot, and breed their own $CRA to strengthen their forces within the system. Earners of their governance token are invited to shape the kingdom’s future through governing powers and decide its fate.

What is the unique selling point?

Mining Expedition

Crabada is a productive asset that can be deployed into the various mines of the undersea world. Players must first form a Mining Party (comprising 3 Crabada). Next, players select a vacant mine and deploy their Mining Party. The hardworking Crabada will begin the process of mining treasure without any supervision required from players. 

By default, each Mining Expedition takes 4 hours and returns a reward of 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS once completed. 

Looting Mission

Besides that, Crabada can be used to loot a mine that is occupied by a Mining Party. Depending on whether the Mining Party sends reinforcements to defend their mine, each Looting Mission will take from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. A Looting Party will receive 0.3 CRA and 24.3 TUS for each Looting Mission in which users participate.
A successful Looting Mission would result in stealing 65% of the Mining Party’s rewards, for a sum of 2.4375 CRA and 197.4375 TUS
An unsuccessful Looting Mission would result in stealing none of the Mining Party’s rewards.

Crabada Breeding and Marketplace


Each Crabada has a primary attribute of faction, which is determined by its class. Crabada inherits factional benefits and weaknesses based on the faction it belongs to.


There are 8 classes in total.


A Crabada’s base attributes are determined by its class. Certain classes of Crabada enjoy higher base attributes.


Each Crabada has a primary attribute of Breed Type which can increase the number of rewards mined when at least one Crabada of this class is in the Mining Party.

The mining speed of a Mining Expedition is also affected by the cumulative speed attribute of the entire Mining Party, with a positive modifier that reduces total mining duration, up to a 1hr reduction.  

Breed Type

There are a total of 8 Breed Types in each Class.

PvE, PvP Combat (Q2 2022)

Classes make certain roles in battle more suitable for each Crabada.

The three main Class archetypes consist of Tanks, Damage, Support.


Breeding Process

In order to start breeding, Players are required to have two Crabada that are eligible for breeding, and a sufficient amount of Breeding Material to cover the Breeding Cost. Players can breed Crabada at any time as long as the requirements for breeding are met. Each breeding activity creates a blockchain transaction, and breeding completes once the transaction is successfully confirmed on the blockchain.

Breeding Requirements

Each Crabada can be bred up to five times. After that, it is no longer eligible for breeding. 

Breeding Cost

CRA and TUS are essential materials required for breeding. A fixed amount of 105 CRA is used for each breeding while the amount of TUS depends on the number of times each Crabada has previously bred. The more times a Crabada has been bred, the larger the amount of TUS required.


Successful completion of Breeding produces an Egg that belongs to the player. Eggs take exactly five days to hatch into a new brand new that is ready to begin the adventure in Crabada.

Source: Crabada



Players can view their Crabada and Eggs that are currently in their wallet, as well as their balance of CRA and TUS.

Buy and Sell

Players can browse through listings of Crabada to buy, as well as a list for sale.

Players sell Crabada by creating a listing, with a specified ask price. Buyers are able to purchase the Crabada by spending TUS from his wallet. Upon confirmation of the transaction on the blockchain, the settlement is settled instantaneously. The Seller receives TUS in his wallet, and the Crabada is transferred to the Buyer.

The native currency used for transactions will be TUS tokens.


In the first release, basic analytics are provided, including:

  • Total Crabada Sold over time
  • Total Volume over time
  • Average Price of Crabada over time
  • Recent Sales in the Marketplace


Sellers are charged a 3.85% fee on completion of a transaction. 


Hiring Crabs

Players that do not have available Crabada for reinforcement can visit the Tavern to hire Crabada.

Once a Crabada is hired, it will join your battle as reinforcement. After the end of the battle, the Crabada returns to the Tavern. 

Lending Crabs

Players that have idle Crabada can deploy them to the Tavern. These Crabada are added to the pool of available Crabada-for-hire.

When a borrowed Crabada participates as reinforcement in battle, it is affected by a cooldown before it can be borrowed again.

Players are able to withdraw their Crabada as long as it is not in battle. 

Setting Price

Players are able to set a price at which to lend their Crabada. Market transaction data is provided to help players make the best decision.

Prices can be updated by the player at any time.


Currently in the roadmap for Crabada, you will find:

  • Special Crabada Breeding Event — November 2021
  • Crabada Breeding Feature — November 2021
  • Crabada Marketplace — November 2021
  • Idle Game Release — November 2021
  • Battle Game Prototype — November 2021

Before the end of Q1 2022, the Battle Game is slated for release and such aggressive roadmaps are typically reserved for, well, less challenging projects. Crabada is starting to feel the proverbial “wind at their back” and Avalaunch believes they are going to make an impact that will be felt across the greater ecosystem.

Technical Data

Key metrics

  • Token name: Crabada
  • Ticker: CRA
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Avalanche
  • Token Standard: ERC-20, CChain
  • Token type: Utility, Governance
  • Smart contract: Updating
  • Token Decimals: 18
  • Token Address CChain: 0xA32608e873F9DdEF944B24798db69d80Bbb4d1ed
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000 CRA

Token Allocation

CRA Distribution

Crabadas Distribution

Participants of the Community Bootstrap Event will obtain Breeding Coins, which are used to redeem for Crabs in a once-off Special Breeding Event shortly after the Community Bootstrap Event. This creates the initial supply of Crabs, and each Crab obtained through this event will have the attribute of ‘Origin’.

Special Breeding Event

Genesis Crabs – All parts are of the same Breed Type.
Pure Crabs – All parts are of the same Class, but with a mix of Breed Types.
Others – All parts are random Breed Types. 

Any balance of Crabada that is unclaimed will be offered by the Crabada Team for sale on the Marketplace. 

Play-and-Earn Distribution

300,000,000 CRA (30% of total token supply)
Allocated for play to earn incentives across 3 games that will be rolled out sequentially

Token Sale


  • Registration Schedule: 3pm (UTC) Nov 02 – 6am (UTC) Nov 06, 2021
  • Validator Round: 6am – 6pm (UTC) Nov 08, 2021
  • Staking Round: 6:30pm (UTC) Nov 08 – 6am (UTC) Nov 09, 2021
  • Whitelist opens on Oct 16th, 2021 and ends on Oct 22th, 2021
  • Total Raise: $400,000
  • Tokens for sale in total: 22,000,000 CRA
  • Public sale Token price: $0.018 per token

A minimum of 90% of the sale will go to the community for Stakers of XAVA.
Approximately 10% will be reserved for validators of the Avalanche network.

Crabada Native Platform

The distribution of CRA on our native platform will be split into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Token distribution for whitelisted users

Start Date: 1am (UTC) 10 Nov 2021
End Date: 12:59am (UTC) 11 Nov 2021

Phase 2: Public token distribution

Start Date: 1am (UTC) 11 Nov 2021
End Date: 12:59am (UTC) 12 Nov 2021; or when CRA is fully distributed

Event Details:
  • Supply: 37,777,778 CRA + Remainder of Unallocated CRA
  • Price: $0.018
  • Allocation Cap per User: 60,000 CRA (1,080 USDC.e)
  • Payment currency: USDC.e

Token Release Schedule

  • Private: 3-month cliff, 20% every 3 months subsequently
  • Ecosystem: 50% Unlocked, 50% locked for a year
  • Advisor & Team: 6 month cliff, 12.5% every 3 months subsequently
  • Liquidity: 100% Unlocked
  • Community: 100% Unlocked
  • The team has committed 8.9% as liquidity provision upon listing.

Token Use Case

  • Governance: $CRA holders will be able to vote and participate in Carbada decision-making.
  • Farming: $CRA is used for farming Points that users can use for NFT redemption.
  • Payment: CRA and TUS tokens are used as a payment currency in NFTs Marketplace along with other tokens

How to own the token

They will have Community Airdrop (Follow their Twitter and join Discord Community for more information)

Market and Community 


The terms “crypto gaming” and “blockchain gaming” are becoming more popular. People are curious about how collectibles, NFTs, micropayments, and virtual asset marketplaces will impact the gaming industry. Despite these disadvantages, collectible games are now among the most popular Blockchain-based games available. Since then, many other special edition games have emerged, including NBA Top Shot by the same game developer Dapper Labs, football card game Sorare, and the currently popular game Axie Infinity. Crabada’s new style of playing and owning NFT has the promise to become a future crypto gaming and NFT powerhouse in Avalanche Ecosystem


In terms of guild membership, voting in project-related affairs provides the community with a direct say in how the Carbada operates. Anyone who owns at least one CRA token has the right to participate in its governance and representation. This means that CRA token holders can make suggestions, vote on them, and ultimately assist to determine the future of Carbada.



Oxtender (Co-Founder)

Oxtender is responsible for business operations. He has worked in product management roles across digital exchange and cloud backup products, with more than 4 years of experience working on blockchain products. Previously, he ran a tech consulting business.

Jay (Co-Founder)

Jay is responsible for product design. His latest stint was at Binance as a product designer with multiple years of experience under his belt in UX/UI and product development.

Fuji (Co-Founder)

Fuji is responsible for blockchain engineering. He has been working in the blockchain space since 2016 for various duties such as smart contract implementation and Ethereum customization. He designed and implemented the very first backend system of a leading crypto wallet.

NH (Co-Founder)

NH is responsible for backend development. He has 10+ years of experience in backend development and has 4 years of experience working on several crypto projects at Infinity Blockchain Labs.

Jessie Morii (Creative Lead) | Twitter

Jessie Morii is responsible for the creative direction and also created the artwork for Crabada Lore and Storytelling. She has 5 years of experience as an illustrator and is also the creator of Froyocats.

LA (Game Leader)

LA is responsible for game development. He has more than 11 years of experience in game development using the Unity engine. Recently, he worked for one of the biggest game companies as a Lead Game Developer. Some of his previous works include “Brother in Arms” and “N.O.V.A Legacy”.

Min (Lead Artist)

Min is lead Artist at Crabada. He has more than 10 years of experience working as a game artist. Some of his previous works include “We Are Heroes” and “Captain Strike”.

Shinigummy (Marketing Lead)

Shinigummy is the Marketing Lead at Crabada. He has more than 12 years of experience in advertising and marketing across several global agencies and design studios. Most recently, he was a Creative Lead for marketing and UX/UI in a digital exchange.

OTS (Content and Design Strategist) | Twitter

OTS is an artist with a passion for style and storytelling. He is in charge of creative direction and design strategy. He has worked on several sound and visual projects for the last 4 years and is thrilled to experiment and collaborate with creators in the crypto community through blockchain games.

H0lytamag0 (Community & Growth) | Twitter

H0lyTamag0 is responsible for community management and growth. He previously worked as a headhunter, hiring talents for crypto companies, before deciding to move into the space full time.



Alternative Project

We have known three similar projects on the same Avalanche Ecosystem, including:

  • Avax Cells
  • Avax Duels
  • Avax City


Bringing a fully developed game to market is capital and development-intensive process that can take years. Despite being tradable assets for a year or more, many of the listed blockchain gaming projects have yet to release anything substantial. It is not an easy path to walk, and Avalanche has been fortunate to attract a number of more mature projects to the chain. Crabada certainly qualifies as one of them.

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