Jack In The Box Burger Joint Sues FTX Exchange Over Mascot

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Jack in the Box, the popular burger company, is now suing the FTX crypto exchange over its new mascot, claiming the exchange stole its ball-head mascot.

Jack in the Box has filed a lawsuit against the FTX crypto exchange alleging that the FTX character infringes the mascot’s intellectual property rights. Burger attendees are suing FTX over the Moon Man mascot, which the fast food chain claims looks like the table tennis clown who’s been flipping burgers since 1994.

In a complaint, this Jack in the Box complained that FTX Moon Man was exploiting JITB’s valuable intellectual property and trading in good faith with JITB’s long-standing and recognized mascot. FTX stated that it had received letters to stop and cancel its participation in the burger, but said it was not trying to take advantage of the burger vendor or build on the mascot’s success:

“Jack in the Box has limited protection for the shattered table tennis clown who blew out of the box and sold burgers.”

FTX began using Moon Man as the new mascot for the new partnership between Major League Baseball and FTX last month. Moon Man looks like a depressed suburb that’s tired of being the target of baseball after MLB started calling home runs “moonshots”. However, Moon Man has found solace in crypto trading on fTX in hopes of landing him on the moon. In contrast, the jack-in-the-box mascot is a truly psychotic executive who won’t accept an answer, according to an advertisement in the ’90s that said:

“You’re not just saying that [you like my burgers] because I’m kneeling on your spine “

Although Moon Man has an opposite character to Jack in the Box, they look pretty much alike. The burger seller complained that FTX Moon Man, like Jack, has the same white hair as an actor who speaks, with a very bright smile and blue eyes. Unlike the Jack In the Box mascot, Moon Man doesn’t have an ice cream cone hat. JITB also thinks the mascot is better than the mascot that FTX has:

“To make matters worse, FTX’s Moon Man is a much inferior version of Jack, which is currently undermining Jack’s consumer credibility.”

Jack In the Box patented the art of character expression in 1994 and has since worked 24/7 as an influential manager and founder. The company has also been involved in numerous legal disputes over the years over its advertisements, as well as a franchise dispute, an ADA lawsuit, and the e.Coli outbreak.

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