North Korea has stolen $ 310 million in crypto since 2019 – Cointelegraph

A senior South Korean opposition politician has claimed hackers from the north have hacked nearly $ 310 million worth of South Korean crypto wallets in the past two years.

North Korea has stolen 310 million in crypto since
North Korea has stolen $ 310 million worth of crypto since 2019

dynasty Tien has stolen $ 310 million in crypto since 2019

According to Chosun, Ha Tae-keung, a former leader of the New Conservative Party and now a MP for the main opposition, People’s Power Party, said he is aiming to run in next year’s presidential election.

He claimed that in addition to the 35 hacking cases the United Nations identified in 2019, $ 2 billion had allegedly been hacked by North Korean cyber criminals (which the country denies). Assisted hackers have received tokens worth $ 310 million from South Korean wallets.

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Ha added that North Korea’s attacks also successfully targeted the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), a government-run intelligence unit tasked with fighting cybercrime.

Gina Kim, an IT security expert in Seoul, says:

“While it’s true that crypto exchanges used to have lax security protocols and funds in hot wallets, a lot of that has changed in recent years. Some exchanges now have very good security measures and well-trained staff. For this reason, most attackers are now targeting customers themselves with sophisticated voice and social engineering phishing attacks. I can’t tell you if these attackers are from North Korea, but they are definitely mostly Koreans. “

Ha stated that if he were chosen he would make KISA a more dangerous opponent for hackers. He stated that this agency should be consolidated and submitted directly to the offices of the President.

He added that “millions of dollars” worth of cryptocurrencies are being stolen from “every wallet” while the government has done little to fight back. Ha said that incidents like this one had damaged Korea’s international reputation and concluded, “I will make Korea the safest country and protect Korea from the threat of crime. Networks, including hacking ”.

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