The oldest manga in the world focuses on crypto coin news in a new series

The fascination of media producers for the crypto world continues to grow – with another new crypto comic series and a TV series on the subject of crypto on offer. It is the oldest manga series in the world that focuses on cryptocurrencies.

The oldest manga in the world focuses on crypto coin
The oldest manga in the world focused on cryptocurrencies in a new series

The oldest manga in the world focused on cryptocurrencies in a new series

According to Kyodo News, the latest part of the popular manga series Golgo 13 will deal with cryptocurrencies in a new storyline. Details of the series have not yet been announced, but the title (literal translation) will be “Final Currency – Attack and Defense”.

Golgo 13 has been a mainstay of the big comic manga empire since its debut in October 1968. The main and main character of the series is a sharp, professional sniper assassin, and Golgo 13 has created countless spin-offs, including live-action films. This is a television series and many video game titles.

It is also the oldest manga series to be published, and is second only to One Piece, the second best-selling manga series of all time, with over 300 million copies sold.

The release is the latest in a growing list of crypto-focused manga titles. Last year, a blockchain-themed series told the story of a legendary warrior from Japan’s past who used crypto to defeat corporate bad guys – while a manga title on cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals is also available in 2020.

Another title from 2020 focuses on the fictional origins of the Bitcoin protocol, while other, older connections have also been the connection between the comic and the token for many years.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that a production company called AMM Global will launch a TV series about the rivalry between blockchain developers in Hong Kong and the United States as they battle to create a “bitcoin-like digital currency.” .

The media has described the TV series Crypto Keepers as a “hybrid between English and Cantonese” that is filmed “in many countries with a fictional story against the backdrop of the events of the year”. Variety added that real-life “crypto numbers” will appear in 12 episodes due to air in 2022.

The media company quoted Bizhan Tong, an executive at AMM and host of the series, as saying that the release of NFT alongside the series would “strengthen viewers’ relationship with the show.”

He stated:

“This comes in many different forms and is inspired by arguably the most interactive form of storytelling – video games. We combine some of these features through the use of NFT, from unlocking concept art, to the character collection, to some of the most memorable scenes. Other uses include collecting scripts, props, and all sorts of collectibles. “

AMM Global is also reportedly planning to “convert” a game show called Blockchained to an NFT.

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