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Metaverse – the next era of the internet

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Literally understood, the metaverse is an open world in which we can live, build and develop according to our wishes.

The term “Metaverse” first appears in the 1992 science novel Snow Crash by American writer Neal Stephenson. Although it has been around for almost 30 years, the Metaverse received little attention because it was first heard. About the idea, many people will find it quite illusory. Only when global giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Epic Games, … invest in the Metaverse as confirmation of future profit potential, will it really attract attention.

For technology connoisseurs, the Meta is the next important turning point after the Internet era. Not to mention the enormous business potential that digital sales and services are calculating like the big tech giants; Simply Metaverse will be the “Promised Land” for life, art, games, …

Vietnam certainly cannot stay out of the metaverse revolution

Not to mention the Metaverse, just by using the Internet, Vietnam was ranked in the top 20 countries with the most users in the world. This proves that the demand for using online platforms in Vietnam is very high. In the context of the epidemic in particular, the demand for entertainment over the Internet is increasing. But just having content on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Tiktok is not enough. So if we look further we will see that the metaverse in Vietnam is not a fantasy. Metaverse will help us interact with each other in real 3D space even if we are thousands of kilometers apart.

If there is demand, there will be supply. Not only technology companies around the world, but even in Vietnam, there are names that believe they can integrate the living digital world into our real lives. One of them is The parallel.

Launching The Parallel: A Metaverse Vision Project Implemented by Vietnamese - Photo 3.The parallel – an infinite metaverse

The parallel and the ambition to become the unicorn metaverse

Although it is still in its infancy, The Parallel – the first metaverse project implemented by the Vietnamese, has a complete foundation to pursue the ambition of becoming a unicorn metaverse. The implementation team wants to develop The Parallel into a platform on which everyone can freely create and experiment. With such a long-term vision, The Parallel is committed to providing guidance for its activities.

First, The Parallel focuses on showing users the joy of experience according to the purpose. At The Parallel, users will enjoy Enjoy to Earn, not the current play-to-earn model. With this new model, The Parallel will create a balance between “enjoying” and “earning” for all participants and thus help the platform to develop sustainably and grow steadily.

In addition, The Parallel gives all participants unlimited opportunities to build, develop and generate profits. It can be individuals, groups, even game studios or entertainment companies.

At The Parallel, the implementation team wants to make creativity a core value. It creates activities that help users be creative because that creativity will fuel the unlimited growth of the platform. At the same time, The Parallel also offers and supports the system to protect this creativity in order to further develop Paragon Crafting, Hydra System or Partnership.

Finally, with a team of respected staff and supporters, The Parallel can confirm the quality of its products. Since inception, The Parallel has received great support from Kyber Ventures as an investor leading the project’s funding round. This is a commitment to the growing development of The Parallel in particular and the Metaverse in general in Vietnam.

Launching The Parallel: A Metaverse Vision Project Implemented by Vietnamese - Photo 2.

As a potential project that promises big changes in the future, The Parallel is also a challenge for the Vietnamese team in both the technical system and basic thinking. However, the fact that the first Vietnamese dared to build their own metaverse is also a ray of hope that confirms the potential and intrinsic capacity of The Parallel. Follow The Parallel on social media platforms to support, participate and develop together.

The Parallel is a metaverse vision project where users can create, connect, and experience unlimited.

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