Axie Infinity’s rare Genesis virtual land sold for 550 ETH

In a tweet posted by Axie Infinity, a lucrative Monster War Fantasy NFT plot sold for 550 ETH ($ 2.3 million). Axies are creatures that the user commands to fight other players and enemies and complete daily quests. They are also NFTs that can be freely grown (poured), bought, and sold.

The game takes place in the world of Lunacia, which is inhabited by the Axies. It’s a 301 × 301 square of land, with each piece representing a coded plot of land called Terra, which the player can also buy, sell, or lease to other players at will. The property sold yesterday is classified as Genesis, which is the rarest form of virtual property in the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Monsters called chimeras appear in the game and terrorize Lunaria. By defeating chimeras, players earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP), which can then be sold on exchanges for cash.

Defeated chimeras also drop other types of resources that can be used to upgrade their ax and land, increasing the income potential for SLP. Genesis Land is strategically located in the heart of Lunacia, where rare chimera raid bosses spawn and drop special items. Additionally, only 220 of the 90,601 properties have a Genesis classification.

Game critics say that virtual real estate has nothing tangible and wonder why it is so valuable. But for some, playing Axie Infinity is a full-time job well worth the upfront investment, especially in developing countries where earning SLP in-game daily can often exceed the minimum salary in those countries.

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