Charles Hoskinson: Everything is going in the right direction, Alonzo won’t miss the appointment

In one Video Recently, Charles Hoskinson gave an update on Alonzo’s progress and it looks like things are going well.

“Things are going in the right direction, both in terms of progress and speed. Alonzo is coming. “

The much anticipated Alonzo phase will enable the full capabilities of smart contracts in the network. After the implementation, Cardano will eventually have a foothold to keep up with other programmable blockchains.

Charles Hoskinson: Progress is exactly where it needs to be, Alonzo is coming

Charles Hoskinson – CEO of IOHK

As expected, Cardano is “stable”

For organizational reasons, Alonzo is divided into stages by color.

Start with Blue, which is a small group of users on the test network. Then there is white, which is similar to blue, with a wider set of testers. Ultimately, Purple helps stakeholders like exchanges and wallet providers become familiar with upgrades.

According to Hoskinson, the Blue Era was a huge success. However, due to the discovery of a validation node bug, the schedule was delayed by about a week.

He predicts the White Era will begin towards the end of this week, but most likely early next week to avoid the holiday.

“As most of you know, we entered the blue era of Alonzo last month and worked on it with our partners. We have gained a lot of experience and are about to enter the White Era. “

As mentioned earlier, the White Era will bring the number of testers to several hundred. Hoskinson said coordinating this phase will require a “resuscitation”. This era is expected to last two to four weeks.

However, taking all factors into account, everything is “stable” as expected.

Hoskinson responds to “prediction failed” tweet

By the end of July 2020, Hoskinson predicts that by then in the next year hundreds of assets and thousands of DApps will be running on Cardano.

This week several people referred to Hoskinson because of this prediction.

“Oddly enough, the crypto media and people on Twitter were discussing a tweet that I predicted would have more assets on Cardano and more DApps on Cardano by the end of July.”

“To be honest, we had that kind of traction. I think there are tens of thousands of assets, over ten million dollars in NFTs, that have been sold across the Cardano network, if we do the math. “

Regarding the Catalyst project, which is funding DApp proposals, Hoskinson added that the hundreds of applicants suggest that there are many more to come.


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