Budweiser introduces 1,936 NFT cans.

Budweiser, Anheuser-iconic Busch’s American-style pale lager, said on November 29 that the company planned to release a batch of 1,936 non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles. Following the debut of the Bud-themed NFT market, the online site encounters significant difficulties.

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Budweiser introduces 1,936 NFT cans. 3

At the end of August, the crypto community addressed the prominent American beer company acquiring an NFT named “Life of the Party” created by Tom Sachs. The company also purchased the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain “beer.eth” on August 11, 2021. Budweiser paid $96,000, or 30 ether at the time of sale, according to Opensea data, to buy the ENS domain.

The famous beer brand also utilizes the domain name beer.eth on its Twitter account, and the firm recently announced the release of 1,936 Bud-themed NFTs. “The wait is gone,” stated the video that accompanied Budweiser’s tweet on Monday. “Own a piece of Budweiser history,” the film says, before displaying a few glimpses of the NFTs known as “Budverse cans.” At 1 p.m., the firm launched the Budverse marketplace to the company’s fans (EST).

The Bud-centric NFT website says:

“Introducing Budweiser’s first-ever NFT collection: Budverse Cans Heritage Edition. Composed of 1,936 unique digital cans, representing 1936, the year of the first Budweiser can. Each NFT is one of a kind and generated using archived photos, ads, and designs from throughout Budweiser’s storied history. Each NFT will act as an entry key to the Budverse, unlocking exclusive benefits, rewards and surprises for all 21+ (or legal drinking age) NFT holders.”

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Budweiser introduces 1,936 NFT cans. 4

The collection includes 1,900 “Core NFTs,” which are generative art NFTs of classic cans from the company’s history. The Budweiser Core NFTs also grant “exclusive access” to and incentives from the Budverse.

The company isn’t the only brand attempting to break into the metaverse with NFTs. Arizona Iced Tea, a prominent beverage manufacturer and brand, introduced NFTs to the Bored Ape Yacht Club crew at the end of August. McDonald’s just introduced the “McRib” non-fungible token collectable. Nike and Adidas have recently taken steps toward the metaverse and blockchain-backed NFTs.


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