Khoa Pug revealed a lot of shocking information related to the drama starring Johnny Dang, the DBZ coin price was at a record low

This morning the Synthetic Teamese online community experienced a refreshing drama with the fight between Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang. In return, each person posted a “debunking” video that revealed shocking details. Most importantly, Khoa shared the reason Pug had to talk about his new friend after a long period of silence. And the most shocking is his nearly hour-long video titled, “The Pug Faculty Is Taken By Saints Who Suck $1.3 millions and Threaten To Pay If They Are Deceived!”.

Khoa Pug revealed a lot of shocking information related to the drama starring Johnny Dang, the DBZ coin price was at a record low

The debunking video is still available on Khoa Pug’s Youtube channel

Khoa Pug’s faculty announced the nearly $1.3M amount of money the “holy fool” had tricked and revealed that his life was threatened

After a shocking evening of hidden status over a character who cheated on her for $1.3 millions, Khoa Pug suddenly started a new vlog that resulted in everyone identifying the person mentioned by Khoa Pug as Johnny Dang. He was threatened by Johnny Dang after a disagreement over an investment case: “Unexpectedly, one day I was threatened with Synthetic Teamese blood by someone who spoke Synthetic Teamese.”

At the same time, the male vlogger also revealed shocking details, claiming that the king of gold threatened his life safety. He also revealed that Johnny Dang appropriated the exact amount of money up to $1.3M. In the comments section of YouTube, the male vlogger also ended with a sentence that worried fans, saying that there may be some bad luck after this video was released.

At the end of the video, Khoa Pug said that when the drama stopped playing, just because he bought a necklace once, his new boyfriend made up stories about the guy who cheated on and ran away with money. Additionally, Khoa Pug also shared that previously he’d only been doing vlogs for fun and dancing. So when he was forced to “pull chickens”, “dirty PR” for business activities, he disagreed. As a result, this friend threatened his life, threatening to “pay” Khoa Pug if he disobeyed, and continued to use the YouTuber’s image for “dirty PR”.

“Unexpectedly one day I was threatened by a person with Synthetic Teamese blood who spoke Synthetic Teamese with the sentence: You decide to bring Synthetic Teamese chickens with you or to be shot by the black Americans! Not from a stranger, but from a person who I once supported, invested billions of silver, wasted all my fame and money, I silently ignored, now even threatened my life! “, Khoa Pug shared in the video.

Khoa Pug even revealed that the DBZ coin was not created by Johnny Dang, it only received advertising. And this diamond king did not have the opportunity to advertise, so he lent Khoa’s hand and thanks to this coin, that coin reached its peak.

Not only has the friendship collapsed after this video, but the price of Johnny Dang’s Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ) is also showing signs of declining. Previously, the DBZ continued to decline in trading sessions as well, but after Khoa Pug spoke it fell miserably as it is now.


DBZ Prize | Source: CoinMarketCap

Compared to the high of $ 0.145 set on the evening of September 28, DBZ price has fallen to just $ 0.01934, a 7.5 times decrease. The sharp drop in share prices disaffected many DBZ investors, many said they were waiting to swim ashore. Even according to data from CoinMarketCap, Diamond King Johnny Dang’s digital currency hit a new low at $ 0.0176 on November 30th at 11:39 pm. This price movement took place while Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang continuously made abusive statements on social networks.

In the DBZ investor group, many participants expressed their trust in the sign of the Diamond King … But I don’t know how long they will believe …

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