Johnny Dang’s point of view on the DBZ scandal

On the evening of December 2, Johnny Dang uploaded a video in which he refuted the claims made by YouTuber Khoa Pug about him and the prior Diamond Boyz Coin (DBZ) digital currency. According to the Vietnamese-born businessman, Khoa Pug breached the initial deal by not only failing to advertise as agreed, but also selling to depreciate the DBZ.

Johnny Dang opposes Khoa Pug
Source: Youtube Johnny Tuan Dang

Johnny Dang stated in a video aired on December 2 that he had signed an oral deal and sold Khoa Pug 10 million DBZ for $100,000 on the condition that the male YouTuber promote the token to Vietnamese viewers. In which case, the $100,000 USD paid by Khoa Pug to Johnny Dang is equivalent to 4 million DBZ, with the remaining 6 million tokens being advertising charges.

According to Johnny Dang, the Diamond Boyz Coin development team was opposed to him giving over a big amount of tokens to Khoa Pug for concern that this individual might sell out, harming the project’s liquidity. Johnny Dang explained:

“I explained to that YouTuber (Khoa Pug), the deal would give him the initial 4 million DBZ. The remaining 6 million tokens will be locked from trading for a period of time.”

According to the Diamond Boyz Coin project’s white paper, the total quantity is one billion tokens. According to the BSCScan blockchain analyzer, there are presently 519.1 million DBZ coins locked, accounting for 51% of the entire supply. The development team will explore unlocking this token by January 1, 2022.

According to Johnny Dang, Khoa Pug asked him to unlock 6 million DBZ tokens. If not, he will sell out and “destroy” the project. “In order for the NFT issuance to run successfully, I promised to provide him 6 million unblocked DBZ,” Johnny Dang explained.

In the video, the famous businessman said that Khoa Pug stated his intention to cease collaborating after collecting the money. Simultaneously, the male YouTuber sold a substantial quantity of DBZ tokens in the wallet address mentioned in the previous video, influencing investor sentiment.


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