A bank manager’s premonition helped her stop crypto scammers 

South Korean commercial bank Nonghyup Bank (NH) has claimed that an employee’s quick thinking helped prevent a case of crypto fraud.

It was thanks to the hunch of a banker who helped her stop cryptocurrency scammers for $ 7,000.

A bank managers premonition helped her stop crypto scammers 
Nonghyup Bank (NH)

A bank manager’s premonition helped her stop crypto scammers

According to media company News1, the bank said that Oh Ji-jung, 40, the director of an NH branch in the sub-tropical island province of Jeju, had a “strange feeling” about a transaction one of its customers had for – and decided to step in to deal with it to find out.

The customer, an unnamed woman, transferred approximately $ 7,000 to a crypto-related company (also unnamed) to purchase crypto files, but received no tokens or feedback from the supplier.

Sensitive Oh intervened and contacted the company on the case, claiming it was an example of “alleged fraud”. You spoke to the company in question and “indicated” that the customer will likely take the matter to the police.

Apparently startled by the call, the company immediately refunded the customer $ 7,000.

And it turned out that Oh’s guess was correct when it soon became known that the company in question was being investigated by the police in another part of the country for alleged money-collecting fraud.

Oh was there to give reporters a valuable warning about the dangers of investing in the modern world, explaining about Jemin Ilbo:

“Recently there have been more and more cases of money being transferred to bank accounts under different names. Companies raise money from a large number of investors and promise them quick, high and easy returns on their money. “

NH is one of three banks in the country currently offering real name banking services with verified social security numbers for cryptocurrency exchanges. The company has also explored several potential crypto-related businesses, including crypto-custodial-related services.

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