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Binance announced a partnership with CryptoUniverse to bring real-time mining data to users 

As part of the launch of a new mining program, Binance has announced a partnership with CryptoUniverse CryptoUniverse, one of the leading companies in the cloud mining industry. The new mining program allows users to work together to buy collective mining contracts and share rewards.

Binance announced a partnership with CryptoUniverse to bring real time mining
Binance has announced a partnership with CryptoUniverse

Binance has announced a partnership with CryptoUniverse to bring real-time mining data to users

CryptoUniverse is a cloud mining company based in Northern Russia. Since 2017, CryptoUniverse has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality cloud mining services available to its user base. With a modern mining facility and more than 41,000 of the best miners, CryptoUniverse is able to offer users comprehensive services at low prices and prioritize transparency that entices users to participate in every step of the cloud mining process.

In addition to its standard services, CryptoUniverse offers users – including mining rentals and purchases – the platform has just announced a new collective mining contract service and has partnered with Binance to ensure the highest level of transparency for participants.

The new collective mining service gives users the opportunity to come together and collaborate with their friends who are other CryptoUniverse users. Miners together buy a certain amount of hash that is managed by CryptoUniverse experts. The purchased mining power generates a daily reward, which is then shared by everyone in the mining pool in proportion to the individual hashes purchased. The contracts are offered on an indefinite basis, meaning after purchase they will remain in effect until the equipment is no longer functional or mining is no longer profitable. However, these contracts are resellable, so users can sell them to other miners at any time.

Binance has announced a partnership with CryptoUniverse by participating in the program through their Binance Pool platform. All equipment backed collective mining contracts run in the Binance Pool and all daily mining rewards are calculated and shared by Binance Pool. In addition, the mining capabilities of CryptoUniverse are independently tested and verified by Binance, and users can monitor the performance of the device and see what their daily profit metrics look like on the Binance website; Pool via tracking links generated by Binance Pool.

Since the collective mining program provides users with rewards based on the shared mining power, there is less risk if they go alone with any of the individual cloud mining programs. This release from CryptoUniverse comes amid growing pressure in the industry to develop more sustainable mining models and will serve well those looking for a mining model.

Introduction to CryptoUniverse

CryptoUniverse was founded in 2017 and has long been a mainstay in the global cloud mining landscape. The mining center of the project is located in the Karelian Republic in northern Russia, where large deposits of cheap energy are accessible. The facility is armed with more than 41,000 top miners, the power of which is available to users looking to benefit from low enrollment fees and high rewards.

Because of its ideal location and setup, CryptoUniverse was able to build a loyal user base, including many who found platform mining more appropriate than traditional mining endeavors. Given the high electricity prices in most of the world and exorbitant prices from new mining equipment, the entry into mining seems bleak. Because of these challenges, CryptoUniverse was able to find a significant group of mining enthusiasts who wanted to try cloud mining.

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