9Cat NFTs – Game Fi project with attractive features

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As the metaverse forms and a slew of related projects surge into the room, 9Cat NFTs aims to make a difference with its attractive features and promises to be an explosive blockchain game that transcends the world and is a very useful style of play, Interesting.

9Cat NFTs and game functions

9Cat NFTs is developed by a team of 12 including 4 developers, 4 artists, 1 marketing director and 2 community managers, all by Hong Kong-based game developer Wendy Lam, the project’s CEO.

The existence of the 9Cat P2E game, set to become one of the most billed for P2E games, begins with the release of a unique 9,999 collection of the game’s protagonist, 9CAT. Becoming a 9Cat NFT owner will gain access to the upcoming blockchain game 9Cat Saga Adventure. NFT enables players to earn 9Photon and 9Meta exchangeable tokens while enjoying the game.

9Cat NFTs will go on pre-sale on December 17th exclusively for their early whitelist supporters. A total of 1,999 collectibles will be available for purchase with a predefined limit of 3 9Cat NFTs for each whitelist wallet address at a price of 0.06 ETH . The collection will be publicly sold on December 26th at a price of 0.07 ETH. No whitelist is required for public sale and each wallet can generate up to nine 9Cats NFTs.

9Cat NFTs – Game Fi project with attractive features

Game background 9Cat NFTs

The adventure 9Cat Saga takes place in the ruins of an ancient alien camp. Players must find their way to survival by shooting their way through a legion of enemies. By completing a series of tasks, users can earn loot and 9Photon tokens as rewards.

Various tokens are integrated as part of the blockchain game 9Cat Saga. One is the 9Photon token, which is designed to be used with in-game upgrades, and the latter is a core ecosystem token called the 9Meta token, which is designed to be used around the world. Characters, unique weapons, skins and voting DAOs.

Wendy Ciho says: “Set across the universe, 9Metaverse is a space adventure with an adorable cat that uses alien technology. The possibilities for character design and storyline are endless.”

9Cat NFTs

Attractive functions of 9Cat NFTs

Being part of the 9Cat NFTs gaming metaverse opens up great opportunities to play games and get tangible results that are easy to monetize.

In addition to the 9Photon tokens that can be earned, keeping 9 cats can qualify the owner to create more cats that can also grow to take part in adventures. All 9Cats NFTs are tradable and owners are eligible to participate in future Metaverse releases.

9Cat Masters are also entitled to an additional 9Fishy as a special bonus to the safety of 9Cat. 9Fishy acts as a 9Photon voucher for users to redeem 9Photon tokens to retrofit the 9Cat Saga. All in all, the 9Cat project is being developed by a passionate team of NFT artists and game developers, and future developments can be expected that could support the usefulness of NFT and related tokens.


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