The famous Miami Mayor gets part of his retirement in BTC

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Miami’s prominent Mayor Francis Suarez will receive a portion of his 401,000 pension payments in Bitcoin with the help of the third-party payment processor Strike. In today’s Bitcoin News we take a closer look at his decision.

The famous mayor of Miami has announced that it will receive part of its 401,000 pension payments in bitcoin a month after receiving his salary in bitcoin.

After being the first US lawmaker to accept part of his salary in bitcoin, Suarez will now receive part of his retirement in bitcoin based on personal choice:

“I think it’s a good property to invest in. I think it’s an asset that obviously increases in value over time. I believe in that. “

Francis Suarez has pointed out that Bitcoin’s success is linked to trust in the system, an open source system that cannot be tampered with. The mayor announced that he received his salary in Bitcoin with the help of the payment processor Strike. The mayor announced that the city government is accepting BTC fee payments from Miami residents, and while the mayor is exploring various options to enable BTC payments for retirement plans, he will surely put a system in place in 2022 to use Miami’s bitcoin To promote Adoption Momentum, Suarez., Announced it would offer BTC profits as a direct dividend to eligible Miami residents. The city of Miami will also distribute BTC revenue to residents, generated by plugging it into the internal cryptocurrency MiamiCoin introduced by CityCoins to fund city projects. In an effort to turn the city into a crypto hub, Suarez said:

“We will create digital wallets for our residents. And we’re going to give them bitcoins straight from the MiamiCoin winnings. ”

The famous Miami Mayor gets part of his retirement in BTC

As recently reported, according to Ron DeSantis, authorities must allow local businesses to pay state fees in BTC and other alt-coins. The Republican member and governor of Florida has suggested that the government should allow all companies to pay state fees in cryptocurrency. He added that authorities plan to start a program to test and investigate the use of blockchain technology to track vehicle records and validate Medicaid bills.

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