Deleting the whitelist brings optimism “closer to a really open, optimistic Ethereum”

Optimism is a rollup that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Layer 2 solution to extend this transaction notification removes the whitelist so any user can deploy the contract without waiting for verification.

“Decentralization is a challenging process, but it will ultimately flourish numerically. The permissionless contract implementation gives us the vision of a truly open, accessible and optimism Ethereum.

Removing the whitelist also means that we will no longer perform recurring updates. All future upgrades will retain all status, transaction history and event data. ”

Previously, users had to do a number of inquiry start, review the contract, apply for whitelisting and then wait up to 2 weeks to receive the license.

While optimism recognizes the previous model for effective communication with builders, divide The “support wheel” has officially ended.

optimism tweets:

“Today is the day when the whitelist was officially deleted and everyone can implement optimism!”

The motivating reason?

According to the official announcement, Optimism has been up and running for almost a year. However, despite the early birthday news, users still need to keep an eye on the numbers.

At press time, while optimism is one of the top rollups for Total Value Locked (TVL), that value has dropped 8.86% to $ 377 million in 7 days.

Optimism 1

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You may be wondering if there is an immediate reason for the euphoria now? Fees are an answer worth considering. Follow report from Arcane Research, while the transfer from ETH can cost around $ 18.11, the same functionality with Optimism costs $ 0.01 less.

On the other hand, if the whitelist barrier is lifted now, the protocol will be more attractive.

General market context

The prices of the top cryptocurrencies have fallen across the board since the crash on December 4th. Of course, other parts of the ecosystem are also affected.

Arbitrum, a major rollup in the Ethereum ecosystem, has a TVL of $ 2.26 billion at press time. However, this comes after a 4.63% decline in the past 7 days.

Optimism 2

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