What is pStake (PSTAKE)? Complete set of PSTAKE

What is pStake (PSTAKE)? Complete set of PSTAKE.

Liquid staking is one of the best ways to optimize profits for you, locked assets are now ready to be staked and receive more rewards and other profits. pStake on Persistence is a liquid staking project. In this article, Coin98 provides you with detailed information including:

  • What is pStake? What are the highlights of the project’s operating mechanism?
  • Detailed information about tokenomics and how to store, buy and sell PSTAKE tokens.
  • Development roadmap and team, strategic partners of the project.
  • Some projects are similar to pStake so that you can evaluate the development potential of this project.

Let’s find out together!

What is pStake?

pStake is a solution fluid stakingso you can use staked PoS assets to generate more profit. Brothers holding tokens PoS can deposit tokens in pSTAKE to receive ERC20 tokens according to the fixed exchange rate mechanism, Mint 1: 1 ratio, in the form of pTOKEN.

Example: ATOM pATOM.

You can then use these pTOKENs to participate in other activities on Ethereum and thus generate another source of profit.

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Highlights from pStake

pStake is a blockchain project persistence, located in the cosmos ecosystem. Unlike traditional liquid staking models, the current one uses pStake Dual token model enable users to use their capital more efficiently.

When you deposit native assets into pStake, you get pTOKEN in return, then take away the stake in supported protocols for more profits and get a reward from pTOKENs.

Exists on pStake 2 types of tokens Shown below:

  • pTOKEN: Are ERC20 tokens, did not participate Mark out. The system automatically packs and stamps tokens in an exchange ratio of 1: 1. Example: ATOM pATOM.
  • stkTOKEN: Are tokens ERC20, when participating in staking, pTOKEN receives stkTOKEN on PoS platforms with integrated pStake. 1: 1 exchange ratio.

Note: Holding stkTOKENs generates profits and receives rewards as pTOKENs. In the meantime, pTOKENs must place wagers in order to generate a profit.
Activities on pStake include:

  • Wrap: pBridge mints and burns tokens in a ratio of 1: 1. For example: mint 1 PATOM ⇒ 1 ATOM burn.
  • Stake: Brothers who hold pSTAKE can use the assets sent to the system to mint stkTOKEN.
  • Mark out: pStake enables you to replace pTOKEN immediately and get it back instead of taking up a period of time (7 – 21 days, 21 – 30 days, …) as with other protocols.
  • Stake LP: pStake brings users the Stake LP feature, which allows stkTOKENs to participate in other DeFi products and receive rewards. Remember to use DeFi protocols supported by pStake to receive rewards. Example: Pool: stkATOM / ETH on sushi swap.
  • Claim a reward: Can claim a reward at any time.
  • unpacking: Use the command “take off“To withdraw tokens into the wallet. However, you can only use the withdrawal command if you removed stkTOKEN and mint in pTOKEN.
  • pBridge: A bridge between blockchains like: Ethereum, Cosmos, Persistance,…. pBridge is a function with high transaction speed, decentralization, high level of trust, secure security and the ability to deal with failure attacks on the system.

Information on PSTAKE tokens

Key figures PSTAKE

  • Token name: pStake.
  • Ticker: PSTAKE.
  • Blockchain: Persistence.
  • Token Standard: Update …
  • Contract: Update …
  • Token Type: Utility
  • Total offer: update …
  • Circulating supply: update …

At the time of writing the article, the project did not provide the above information, the missing content will be added later by me and the team.

PSTAKE token allocation


PSTAKE token sale

PSTAKE tokens will be sold on December 16, 2021 for 6 days until December 22, 2021 on Coinlist.

What is pStake (PSTAKE)?  PSTAKE 13 cryptocurrency completed
Token sale of PSTAKE tokens

PSTAKE token release schedule

  • Lockup & Release: 25% activated in January 2022, amortized 6 months later.

PSTAKE is a token used to:

  • Is a project management token.
  • Collect fees for services on the platform: embossing, staking, validator, voting, etc.
  • Make rewards for stkTOKEN holders.
  • Airdrop for brothers holding ATOM and XPRT during the snapshot.

This is how you earn and own PSTAKE tokens

You can own PSTAKE tokens in the following ways:

  • Join pStake’s Airdrop claim on the project website. Condition: Press and hold ATOM and XPRT for the duration of the snapshot.
  • Use ALPHA to get the PSTAKE token.

PSTAKE token exchange & wallet

PSTAKE token storage wallet


PSTAKE token exchange


Timetable & updates


Project team, investors & partners

Project team



What is pStake (PSTAKE)?  PSTAKE 15. Cryptocurrency completed



Similar projects

Some liquid staking solutions similar to pStake can be mentioned, such as: Metapool, Lido, …


In addition, you will find all the information about the pStake project so that you have more knowledge as you read up on the project and make your own judgment. If you have any questions about PSTAKE, please feel free to leave a comment below to discuss with us Tintucbitcoins You’re welcome!

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