Cryptocurrency market December 21, 2021: Bitcoin and Ethereum correct higher

Cryptocurrency market December 21, 2021: Bitcoin and Ethereum correct higher . December 21, 2021: Bitcoin price extends its decline below $ 46,500. However, the BTC bulls remain active near the USD 45,500 support area. At 04:22 UTC, BTC is up 3.5% in one day and is trading back above $ 48,500.

Similarly, most major altcoins also correct higher. ETH is slowly approaching above the $ 4,000 mark, while XRP is making up for the losses and heading for $ 0.90 again. ADA found support near $ 1.20 and rebounded above $ 1.25.

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Cryptocurrency Market December 21, 2021

Cryptocurrency Market December 21, 2021: Bitcoin Price

After falling further, Bitcoin price found support near the $ 45,500 region. BTC formed a base above $ 45,500 and started a new upward move. It broke the $ 48,000 resistance area and is currently trading above $ 48,500.

On the flip side, initial support is near the $ 46,200 mark. The next big support is around $ 45,500, below which further declines are possible.

Cryptocurrency Market December 21, 2021: Ethereum Price

Ethereum price also found support near $ 3,750 and started rising again. ETH is up more than 3%, back above $ 4,000, and could test $ 4,100.

If it drops again, the price could find support near $ 3,800. The next major support is near the $ 3,750 level below which the price can test $ 3,650.

Cryptocurrency Market December 21, 2021: ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE and XRP prices

Cardano (ADA) sees strong buying interest near the $ 1.20 mark. The price is currently rising and trading above $ 1.25. To go any further the bulls will need to gain strength above $ 1,235.

The Binance Coin (BNB) stabilized above USD 500 before breaking the USD 525 resistance area to move above USD 530.

Solana (SOL) was trading near the USD 165 support and is currently rebounding above USD 175. It could test the $ 188 resistance area while the main hurdle is near the $ 200 level.

DOGE is trying to rebound above the $ 0.170 level. The first major resistance is near the $ 0.175 level above which the price could test $ 0.188. Otherwise, it may drop to the $ 0.162 level.

XRP price began to rebound above the $ 0.850 level and broke the $ 0.88 resistance. The next major resistance is at $ 0.90, above which the price can test $ 0.920.

Cryptocurrency Market December 21, 2021: Another Altcoin Market

Several altcoins are up more than 5% including YFI, REV, IOTX, HNT, AVAX, XMR and LUNA. Of these, YFI was able to gain strength, rising over $ 36,500. It’s also one of the top performers right now, as YFI is up 13% in one day and has increased its weekly increase to 88%.

Overall, the Bitcoin price is rising towards $ 49,000. If BTC levels off above USD 49,000, it could continue to climb towards USD 50,000 in the coming sessions.

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