CRV and LINK could, according to KOL Pentoshi. will explode heavily in the near future

A well-known analyst says CRV and LINK are building a bullish setup and could see a big boom in the short term.

The person known in the industry as Pentoshi told his 423,500 Twitter followers that he is closely monitoring CRV, the governance token of the decentralized exchange Curve Finance.

According to the crypto strategist, CRV forms a bullish structure on the Bitcoin (CRV / BTC) pair as it keeps printing higher highs and higher lows.

“CRV is developing a bullish setup. If it can break out and reverse perennial resistance in support, a strong rally will follow. ”

CRV and LINK could according to KOL Pentoshi will

The source: Pentoshi / Twitter

According to Pentoshi, a 0.00095 BTC flip in support will be the trigger for a surge towards its 0.00016 BTC target.

Looking at CRV / USD, the analyst predicts that a break of the resistance at $ 4.45 will help the price rise towards its target of $ 6.30.


The source: Pentoshi / Twitter

As for Chainlink (LINK), Pentoshi says that as long as the pair holds a key level of the Bitcoin (LINK / BTC) pair, they will rebound to their target of 0.00053 BTC ($ 24.77).

“LINK / BTC is trading just above the annual open and long-term support zone. I opened a long position. Every weekly candle closes below the zone. [hỗ trợ] and i will cut it. Expect a movement in the direction of the magnet. ”

1640078524 486 CRV and LINK could according to KOL Pentoshi will

The source: Pentoshi / Twitter

Looking at Pentoshi’s chart, LINK / BTC must hold above the 0.00038 BTC ($ 17.78) support to rebound 40%.

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