Euronin – The crypto payments revolution in Europe

Due to the lack of acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in Europe and the burgeoning ideas of CBDCs, a new payment system – Euronin – was born.

Euronin - The crypto payments revolution in Europe

Euronin – The crypto payments revolution in Europe

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of economic problems such as inflation. They usually use cryptocurrency to protect their assets, but then they have trouble monetizing it for normal life needs and withdrawing money from crypto-based cards is very expensive so they are looking for another solution.

On the other hand, any seller of a service or product wants the buyer to be as accessible as possible and ready to offer them an easier payment.

This is where Euronin comes in, a third-party payment platform. Even the simplest cash register can print or display a QR code for payment and, just as you pay with a card, also pay with the help of Euronin.

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Buyers are given the payment option they want and sellers are likely to be new customers, and unlike paying by card, the entire transaction is much faster than paying by card.

Imagine you want to buy an item (or service) worth 100 EUR in a European country. You do this in the cheapest, fastest and safest way, i.e. by paying in crypto, so transfer the equivalent of 100 EUR in crypto to the Euronin system (and yourself. More precisely, Tether is a virtual currency) and the seller receives exactly 100 EUR. Everything happens through the Solana blockchain network, that is, on a completely different level than previous payments, and Euronin is the intermediary of this payment, providing technical solutions to all parties.

Euronin development plan

Now Euronin is preparing for the first round of financing so that it can get off to a smooth start and manage the sale of services and platforms across Europe. In the next 30 days, Euronin will have its ICOs on major crypto exchanges and thus the platform will prepare promotions for buyers. Euronin’s token is on the Solana blockchain and in the future you can use it and earn money with it.

Euronin - The crypto payments revolution in Europe

“We know that every now and then there is a new NFT project, a new DEX share or a new Metaverse or play-to-earn project. We know a lot of people can be wrong. We are a company that solves the current problem and the adaptation of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. We want to focus on changing the perception of cryptocurrencies as very volatile assets and thus removing them from the traditional market full of holes. Every payment on the EURONIN platform is informed via USDT to avoid fear of sellers. We have started registering companies in Europe and opening a bank account for which I am personally responsible. “said Roman Stephenson, who represents the Euronin platform

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