Solvent Announced Its Initial Sale Result & Listing Schedule on January 13

Solvent ($SVT) is a platform to enable index funds for NFTs on Solana.

Any NFT holder that wants liquidity out of their NFTs can deposit their NFT asset into its particular NFT collection on Solvent (bucket) for minting fungible tokens (droplets) of that particular NFT project in exchange. These fungible tokens are tradable on Serum orderbooks, just like any other tokens on Solana. This means that these droplets can be used for all DeFi applications and on-chain protocols.

Solvent ($SVT) Token Sale Result

  • SVT Startup Sale Amount: 666,667 SVT
  • Total value of orders (in USDT): 37,475,220 USDT
  • Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 36,958,260 USDT
  • Number of orders: 13,866
  • Number of Qualified orders: 13,403
  • Percentage of qualified orders: 96.660897158517 %
  • Percentage of succeeded purchases: 98.620528445197 %
  • Number of participants: 13,866
  • Number of qualified participants: 13,403
  • Average qualified order value per user (in USDT): 2757.461762292 USDT
  • Average distribution value per user (in USDT): 14.92203238081 USDT
  • Average distributed SVT per user: 49.740132806088 SVT
  • F (distribution ratio) = 0.005411510173910
  • Per the previous announcement, all qualified orders will obtain the token on sale equally. To guarantee transparency and fairness, all original records are stored for possible third-party auditing.
  • Attention: Most unqualified orders occurred due to insufficient balance in the user account. Please ensure there is sufficient balance (exceeding the purchasing value) for the order by 13:00 (UTC). The insufficient balance will result in the cancellation of the purchase order.

$SVT Listing

They will commence $SVT trading on Jan 13th, 13:00 (UTC). The withdrawal service will be available afterward.

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