An anonymous Bitcoin whale was found while he hold $5,100,000,000 Bitcoin

A Bitcoin whale was found

An anonymous whale added over 87 BTC worth around $3.5 million in March.

On March 8 and March 9, there are two large transactions adding 318 BTC and 412 BTC, worth a total of about $29.7 million.

According to BitInfoCharts, the whale is the biggest non-exchange wallet in existence, holding a whopping 126,428 BTC worth about $5.1 billion.

On the whole, most large whales appear to be in a wait-and-see mode, according to the crypto analytics firm Santiment.

“Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether have seen plummeting whale transactions, the lowest amount of combined $100,000+ valued transactions in a year. This isn’t necessarily bearish, but reflective of large players awaiting further war and inflation developments.”

Several large amounts of BTC have been withdrawn from the crypto exchange Coinbase a few days ago. Over $1.17 billion in cryptocurrency has been transferred to anonymous wallets.

Three large BTC transfers from Coinbase were discovered by Whale Alert and sent to anonymous crypto addresses. Each time, the amount was between 9,850 and 9,900 BTC, totalling over 30,000 BTC. It is reported that around 20,200 BTC has outflowed from Coinbase. Many people believe that these outflows are consequences of Coinbase’s sanctions.

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