Review ZKChaos ($CHAOS) – Layer2- based anonymous transaction protocol, fair game platform

ZKCHAOS is a layer2-based anonymous transaction protocol, and a fair game platform, which is built to enhance privacy for all kinds of cryptocurrency

What is ZKChaos?

ZKCHAOS is the first decentralized privacy protocol to enhance privacy for all kinds of cryptocurrencies through multiple fair games. It means there is a large transaction volume contributed by platform players, not mixers.

ZKCHAOS is based on layer2 through ZK-Rollup technology, providing unlimited scalability and privacy. It provides high-performance anonymous trading for token holders on multi-chain, and transactions in ZKCHAOS do not require any gas fees.

Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?


Thanks to Grayscale and Elon Musk, cryptocurrency represented by bitcoin is being recognized by many institutional and individual investors. People no longer save all their money in the bank, but part of them on the blockchain. While embracing new opportunities, we will also face new risks that all asset storage and transfer on the blockchain are completely transparent. In other words, there is no privacy on the blockchain, which is a historic opportunity.

The problem

Most centralized exchanges or wallets collect KYC information, but they can’t keep it well. Your data on the blockchain, including all your asset allocation and transfer, can be observed by anyone, as long as your address has been in contact with any centralized organization. Especially those who participate in defi will use various smart contracts more frequently, which means taking more risks. Currently, there is no perfect solution to the problem of data privacy protection on chains.

The solution

As the first layer2-based anonymous game platform, ZKCHAOS will gather high-frequency transaction streams with highly playable NFT games. Combined with zero-knowledge proof technology, ZKCHAOS provides a truly effective cover for anonymous transactions.


A user transfers Ether or any ERC20 token to the ZKCHAOS layer-2 wallet.


Anonymous transactions are a low-frequency demand. It is difficult to ensure that transactions won’t be traced even with zero-knowledge proof (ZKP), during periods of low transaction volume. Thanks to players of the fair game across time zones, there are lots of deposits and withdrawals at any time. This will maximize the effect of ZKP and provide a sufficiently secure cover for anonymous transactions.


When you withdraw assets from the layer-2 net, there’re two steps: asset encryption and withdrawal. First, you must encrypt a certain number of assets, and then you will get a note with the right to withdraw the encrypted assets. After entering the note and the payment address, you can withdraw the assets corresponding to this note to the specified address anonymously. Or send the note directly to anyone who needs to receive this asset anonymously, and he can proceed directly to the second step.

What is the unique selling point?


Invitation System

Multiplayer games adopt the homeowner invitation system. Homeowners will enjoy multiple incentives. 

50% of the room fee is used as a reward for the host, and the homeowner’s chances of obtaining NFT-Buff cards are doubled.

NFT Buff System

There are two types of NFT bonus cards, including a double-bonus card and an insurance card. Double-bonus cards allow you to double the bonus when you win the game, and insurance cards can pay for your lost chips when you lose the game.


Stands out from ZKCHAOS


Most of the competitors are based on the Ethereum main net, which causes a very large cost to zero-knowledge proof operations. Differently, ZKCHAOS is based on Layer2 through ZK Rollup technology, which can achieve higher concurrency and lower gas.

Frequency of fund deposit and withdrawal

All competitors are purely anonymous transaction protocols, resulting in only anonymous traders using these products, which is a low-frequency demand. You will face an awkward situation when you are the only anonymous trader today. However, you don’t need to worry about this problem on a gaming platform. Fair games provide a high frequency of fund deposits and withdrawals, which is an excellent shield for anonymous traders.

The advanced nature of ZKP

ZKCHAOS chose Plonk technology to achieve zero-knowledge proof when tornado. Cash uses ZK-Snark. Plonk can be used by many applications with only one trusted setup, which has higher performance. And it is convenient for Plonk to update versions while Snark almost can’t update.


In addition to anonymous transactions, ZKCHAOS is an excellent NFT game platform. There are two interesting setups, item system, and achievement collection. NFT items, similar to buffs, make a variety of effects on the game. And you have a chance to achieve a series of achievements in the game, and each achievement corresponds to NFT. 


Technical data

Key metrics 

Token allocation

Token release schedule

Token use case

The CHAOS token is not only an asset but a stakeholder instrument. A digital key providing holders:

Economic Incentives

A certain proportion of the commission income of each lotto game is used to buy back CHAOS, which will have a striking effect on the relationship between CHAOS supply and demand.

Environment Participation

CHAOS holders decide which game will be launched on ZKCHAOS, and which token can be used to bet. You can also bet with CHAOS when you become a player.

Token sale

Total Supply: 100,000,000

IDO Allocation: 1,000,000 (1% of total supply)

Price: $0.25 per token

  • Initial Market Cap:$750,000( Plus liquidity as needed)
  • Whitelist starts: May 15th, 2 PM UTC 2021
  • Whitelist closes: May 19th, 2 PM UTC 2021
  • Whitelist results in the release: May 21st, 2 PM UTC 2021
  • Listing date/time: TBD

Private sale

  • Private sale price: 1 CHAOS = 0.12 USD
  • Sold on Private sale: $1,200,000
  • Private Sale Allocation: 10,000,000 (10% CHAOS)
  • Private Sale Vesting Period: 15% at TGE 3-month cliff 12.14% every month for 7 months


  • Seed sale price: 1 CHAOS = 0.06 USD
  • Sold on Seed sale: $300,000
  • Seed Sale Allocation: 5,000,000 (5% CHAOS)
  • Seed Sale Vesting Period: 10% at TGE 3-month cliff 10% every month for 9 months.

More information at: CLICK HERE

How to own the token?

Buy CHAOS token at IDO on Bounce and BSC Station.

Market and Community


ZKChaos has crossed the mark of 11,000 Followers on Twitter






In particular, ZKCHAOS is not a purely anonymous transaction protocol, but an interesting fair game platform. It uses a fair games platform as the main product of the protocol, through a large number of game players (corresponding to the number of independent addresses) and real high-frequency transaction volume (corresponding to transaction volume and lock-up volume) to create an excellent shield for anonymous transaction thereby ensuring the privacy of all data on-chain.

The introduction of ZKCHAOS means that privacy on the chain is completely protected, and this can usher in the Privacy 3.0 era.

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