After Unlocking Altcoins, Zipmex Continues Allowing Users To Withdraw BTC And ETH

Another positive move from Zipmex as the exchange continues to allow users to withdraw part of BTC and Ethereum later this week after deciding to unlock users to withdraw 3 altcoins, SOL, ADA and XRP.

Zipmex Unlocks For BTC And ETH

As was updated in a recent Coincu News article, the troubled Asian cryptocurrency trading platform announced that it is unblocking withdrawals of Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) from Z Wallet. Thus, users can transfer their assets to their exchange wallet.

On August 2nd, 100% of SOL tokens were unlocked. 100% XRP will not be frozen on August 4, 2022, while ADA tokens will be fully unlocked on August 9, 2022.

Recently, a Zipmex spokesperson announced that it will allow users to withdraw a portion of Bitcoin and Ether from their trading accounts starting this weekend, providing some relief to those affected by the crisis. recently on the digital asset market.

Specifically, users withdraw part of their Ether from August 11 and Bitcoin from August 16 from Zipmex’s Z Wallet. With the latest step, about 60% of users will receive all five of their tokens being issued under this allowance, the spokesperson said.

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