LaLiga Joins Decentraland’s Metaverse

LaLiga, the highest league of Spanish soccer, is said to have teamed up with the digital art platform StadioPlus to enter the Decentraland Metaverse.
LaLiga Joins Decentraland's Metaverse

According to a recent report, the change is meant to capture the interest of Generation Z, who are among the most active metaverse members. Those born between 1997 and 2012 may become more interested in Spanish football as LaLiga grows in the Vegas City sector of Decentraland.

Stephen Ibbotson, LaLiga’s Head of Franchises and Licensing, spoke on the subject. He stated that the organization had found methods to innovate and outperform competing competitions in order to provide the finest experience for spectators on and off the field.

“This licensing agreement will allow us to reach a new and significant audience, like that of Decentraland,” he said.

StadioPlus will provide advice throughout the cooperation. It also acquires the intellectual and industrial property rights of LaLiga for commercial usage in the metaverse. According to Jon Fatelevich, a key executive of the digital art platform:

“StadioPlus is on a mission to be the bridge between the sports industry and the future. Therefore, we are delighted to have reached this agreement with LaLiga, with whom we have been working together for many months on the development and integration of the competition in Decentraland, and we are confident that we will provide a great experience for football fans and Web 3 fans alike.”

LaLiga Joins Decentraland's Metaverse

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, two of Spain’s most successful clubs, have entered the metaverse competition. A month ago, two furious rivals joined forces and submitted a combined metaverse trademark application. As a consequence, they may provide virtual reality games and cryptocurrency transaction management software to enthusiasts.

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