Azuki NFT Project Sells The Eight Most Expensive Skateboards Ever

According to its official Twitter account, NFT project Azuki has completed an auction for eight Golden Skateboard nonfungible tokens that can also be redeemed for actual Golden Skateboards. The lowest and highest winning bids came in at an even 200 ETH ($261,682.00) and 309 ETH ($404,298.69), respectively.

The skateboards are all among the most costly skateboards ever sold, despite only being available in digital form for now. The “Blowin’ in the Wind Skateboard” by Jamie Thomas and Bob Dylan, which sold for $38,425 in a fundraiser in December 2012, and a Tony Hawk-owned “Beatles’ Blackbird Board,” which has handwritten song lyrics and Paul McCartney’s signature and was auctioned for $27,116, are two examples of the priciest skateboards ever sold.

“The Golden Skateboard is a marvel of art & technology showcasing our first implementation of PBT, which paves the way for a new era of storytelling,” Azuki’s official Twitter account told its more than 314,000 followers. “We broke the record for the most expensive skateboard ever sold (in fact, the 8 most expensive skateboards ever sold).”

According to the initiative, the claim period for the actual Golden Skateboards will start in November.

Azuki is a collection of 10,000 anime characters that face sideways

Azuki is a collection of 10,000 anime characters that face sideways and exhibit various moods and accessories. The most expensive Azuki NFT sale occurred in March when one of a set went for 420.7 ETH, which at the time was equivalent to almost $1.4 million.

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