Weekly Top Crypto News (July 17 – July 23)

The past week witnessed a thrilling wave of innovations across the crypto market, leaving many enthusiasts astir with excitement. Amid this surge of developments, the Ethereum community’s EthCC conference stood out as a focal point for major players to reveal groundbreaking updates in the realms of DeFi and layer-2 initiatives. Here, let’s review this week’s top crypto news with Coincu!
Weekly Top Crypto News (July 17 – July 23)

SEC Adds BlackRock, Fidelity & 6 Other Spot Bitcoin ETF Applicants To The Federal Register

SEC now registers BlackRock, Fidelity, and six other companies’ Bitcoin ETF applications. Countdown begins for the SEC decision on approving or rejecting these applications. Market surveillance and investor protection standards key factors in SEC’s evaluation.

Binance’s Arkham Launchpad Trials Price Limit To Protect Users From Volatility

Binance Launchpad is releasing a new token called Arkham (ARKM). The token sale will last for 24 hours starting from July 17, 2023, 06:00 (UTC). Users can subscribe to BNB at any time during these 24 hours and commit their BNB based on their past six-day average BNB holdings.

Vitalik Buterin Envisions Future of Crypto Wallets: Account Abstraction Revolution

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin envisions a shift from traditional wallets to smart contract-based wallets for simplified management of digital assets. Smart contract wallets offer enhanced security and user experience with customizable access controls and advanced security features like multi-factor authentication. Buterin highlights the importance of community collaboration and continuous research to address scalability and security concerns for widespread adoption.

Layer 2 Mantle Network Officially Launched Its Mainnet Alpha

Mantle Network launches mainnet alpha, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution. Modular architecture and Optimistic Rollup design enable high performance and low costs. Backed by BitDAO, Mantle supports dApp development on Ethereum Layer 2.

Lens Protocol Announces V2 Release With Web3 Experience Supports

Lens Protocol introduces V2 release, bringing greater control and flexibility to developers and integrators. Open Actions enable external smart contract actions on Lens publications, including cross-chain actions with oracle support. V2 features enhanced composability, improved profile security and introduces native Quoted Publications for increased engagement.

UniswapX Launches: Empowering Traders with Next-Level Cross-AMM Capabilities

Uniswap launches “UniswapX” – a new blockchain protocol for trading across automated market makers and liquidity sources. Features include “better prices” by aggregating liquidity sources, gas-free swapping, protection against MEV, and no cost for failed transactions. UniswapX will expand to gas-free cross-chain swaps in the coming months. Fillers cover gas fees, fostering a competitive environment for achieving the most favorable price.

Chainlink’s New Protocol Is Now Live For Seamless Blockchain Interaction

Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) goes live on multiple blockchains. CCIP enables decentralized finance protocols and SWIFT connectivity for international transfers. The protocol also offers simplified token transfers and an ARM Network for added security.

Neon EVM Now Supports Ethereum Applications On Solana Blockchain

Neon Labs has launched the Neon EVM, allowing developers to write Ethereum applications on the Solana blockchain. Neon EVM enables the deployment of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) code on Solana, bridging the gap between Ethereum and Solana’s computing models. This integration offers cost-effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging Solana’s high throughput capabilities, reducing transaction costs for Ethereum dApps.

Starknet Unveils Starknet Appchains: Enhanced Performance And Customizability For Developers

Starknet launches Starknet Appchains, enabling developers to leverage the performance and customization benefits of the Starknet Stack, resulting in enhanced throughput and a tailored user experience. The use of the decentralized rollup stack and the Cairo programming language empowers developers on Starknet to create secure and scalable applications, attracting top talent and opening up new possibilities for innovation.

Coinbase’s Layer 2 Base To Embrace Decentralization With Optimism’s Drive

Coinbase’s Base to adopt Optimism’s open neutrality framework for decentralization. Framework principles focus on maintaining decentralization in networks. Base’s main network launch in August, grants for builders, and participation in a virtual hackathon.

Wormhole Launches Groundbreaking Gateway For Seamless Cosmos Application Chain Integration

Wormhole launches the first bridge connecting over 20 blockchains to any Cosmos application chain, promoting liquidity growth in the Cosmos ecosystem. The Wormhole Gateway allows easy token integration and fee-free fund bridging, enhancing blockchain interoperability and user experience within the Cosmos network.

Optimism To Launch ZKPs To Boost Cross-Chain Communication

Optimism is adding zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to enable secure and efficient cross-chain communication between its Layer 2 solution and Ethereum. The ZKPs will be provided by O(1) Labs and RISC Zero, enhancing security and reducing latency in the network. Optimism aims to improve its ecosystem’s performance and compatibility with existing systems, paving the way for more accessible development using Solidity and EVM.

Polygon Introduces Exclusive NFTs To Celebrate The Launch Of Polygon 2.0

Polygon and Suku release exclusive NFT to celebrate Polygon 2.0 launch. The upgrade aims to enhance network functionality and governance. This move highlights Polygon’s significant growth and development.

Worldcoin Makes Strides In Scaling Web3 On The Optimism Superchain

Worldcoin has completed the migration of its World ID and World App technology stack to the OP Mainnet, enabling inclusive and open identity primitives for anyone on the Superchain and beyond. The migration has strengthened the capabilities of Optimism’s Citizens’ House and AttestationStation, enabling a robust web of trust on any OP Chain in the Superchain.

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