Crypto this week October 3rd – October 9th (market, BTC …)

Market perspective Crypto

“I think it is impossible to destroy cryptocurrencies, but it is possible for governments to slow down their development.”

– Elon Musk speaks at the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California.

Crypto this week October 3rd October 9th market BTC

Well, people may notice both sides of Musk’s statement above, but only the first strikes me “Cryptocurrency is indestructible”which means it will stay there and keep growing over time.

Last week I also made a point about my Bitcoin holdings, it’s basically very simple:

We are witnessing the rise of a new global monetary value like none of us has ever seen before. The process of making money with Bitcoin is a once in a lifetime opportunity and from a game theory perspective your only choice is to jump in (buy and HODL bitcoin).

In retrospect, the success of Bitcoin has always grown in small steps. In September 2020, Bitcoin reached 100 million users. A year later, Bitcoin exceeded 125 million users. This growth is being driven by the massive currency inflation we have faced since April 2020.

There will be no force that can stop an idea when its time comes.

Obviously, Bitcoin has become part of history. It tells how people regain their power over their own money. This trend, which started in the early 2010s, has not stopped to this day. The benefits of Bitcoin are innumerable and now it seems unlikely that Bitcoin will fail in its own revolution.

The big question is whether you want to be a part of it now or wait until you join in 10 or 15 years from now, when Bitcoin will surpass gold’s market cap.

As always, the answer is yours.

Event next week

Notable events for everyone next week:

  • October 5th – October 7th: CoinGeek conference is the flagship of blockchain technology events. At this conference, companies develop real solutions based on the BSV protocol in order to network and exchange ideas.
  • October 6th – October 7th: TOKEN 2049 Europe is the leading crypto event in Europe, held annually in London, where C-level founders and executives of leading crypto and blockchain companies exchange their views on the market.
  • October 8th – October 9th: Crypto Gibraltar, Gibraltar has now been confirmed as one of the top crypto hubs in the world, Crypto Gibraltar is an outdoor event that brings together over 300 crypto enthusiasts for the first time since the pandemic began.

Below you will find notable news from the projects:

This is the important information for the coming week. I hope the information I provide in this article helps everyone.

Hello everyone and have a nice weekend.

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