Crypto Token Unlocks This Week: 7 Projects With A Total Release Value Of $37.48 Million

Key Points:

  • Seven major crypto token unlocks are expected this week in the crypto market.
  • Optimism’s release of 24.16 million OP tokens on September 30, worth over $30.68 million.
  • Notable unlocks also include $2.56 million in YGG tokens and $1.73 million in AGIX tokens on September 27.
In a significant development for the cryptocurrency market, seven substantial token unlocks are poised to take place this week, with potential implications for market dynamics.
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Seven Major Crypto Token Unlocks This Week

The first unlock is set for September 27, as Galxe plans to release $780,270 worth of GAL tokens into circulation, possibly impacting market liquidity and trading volumes.

This series of token unlocks has the potential to influence the prices of these assets in the crypto market. Investors and traders are advised to closely monitor these events as they could lead to fluctuations in asset values.

Optimism Unleashes $30.68 Million Worth of OP Tokens on September 30

However, the most notable event on the horizon is scheduled for September 30, when Optimism will unlock over 24.16 million OP tokens, equivalent to more than $30.68 million at current rates. These tokens will be distributed among core contributors and investors, with 12.75 million tokens, valued at $17.60 million, designated for core contributors, and 11.41 million OP tokens, worth $15.74 million, set to be unlocked for investors.

In addition to these developments, there are other notable token unlocks to watch out for, including $2.56 million worth of YGG tokens set to be unlocked on September 27, along with $1.73 million worth of AGIX tokens scheduled for the same day. As the crypto market braces for these releases, stakeholders will be keeping a keen eye on their impact.

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