Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era

The development of the Layer 2 ecosystem is very fast, as recently highlighted by the zkSync Era. The zkSync Era ecosystem is arguably the most successful zkEVM at the moment. Today, we will understand the top 5 crypto wallets on zkSync Era through this article.
Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era

What is zkSync Era?

zkSync Era, the upgraded iteration of zkSync Lite, officially launched on March 24, 2023. This groundbreaking project represents a significant milestone in the realm of Layer 2 solutions, harnessing Zk Rollups technology to not only expedite transaction speeds but also bolster network security.

zkSync Era leverages zkSync’s ZK protocols to bolster the swiftness and reduce the financial burden associated with Ethereum transactions. Traditionally, each transaction on the Ethereum network requires validation through the public blockchain, leading to time-consuming and costly processes. However, zkSync Era employs permissionless proofs, enabling transactions to be authenticated by a select number of tamper-proof proofs. This innovative approach significantly minimizes both time and transaction costs, making it an attractive solution for users and developers alike.

Beyond its prowess in optimizing Ethereum’s transaction efficiency, zkSync Era offers a range of additional features. One noteworthy addition is the implementation of a secure cloud wallet. This feature allows users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies securely in the cloud, removing the need for cumbersome local storage solutions. This cloud wallet not only enhances the convenience of cryptocurrency management but also fortifies security.

At the core of zkSync Era stands Matter Labs, a prominent blockchain company with a steadfast commitment to developing cutting-edge Layer 2 technologies, with zkSync as its flagship offering. Matter Labs has successfully secured a staggering $458 million in funding from a consortium of influential entities, including Dragonfly Capital, a16z, and Blockchain Capital.

Moreover, zkSync Era empowers smart interactions between contracts, ushering in a new era of possibilities for Ethereum-based smart coins and applications. This capability opens the door to a multitude of exciting use cases, enabling developers to create advanced and intricate decentralized applications (DApps) with ease.

Why does the zkSync Era grow strongly?

According to DefiLlama, ZkSync Era ecosystem is making waves with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $111 million, securing its 19th place on the prestigious Defillama ranking. ZkSync Era, the first and most successful zkEVM (zk-Rollup-based Ethereum Virtual Machine), has attracted a growing number of TVLs, decentralized applications (dApps), and a robust user base.

One notable achievement is that ZkSync Era has proven its superiority over the Polygon zkEVM, which emerged shortly after its launch. The ecosystem’s remarkable success can be attributed to several factors, with compatibility being a pivotal one. Unlike Layer 2 solutions like StarkNet, ZkSync Era remains EVM-compatible, which has accelerated its development and adoption.

The StarkNet ecosystem, while known for its emphasis on quality and native projects, operates on a non-EVM framework, contributing to a slightly slower development pace. This key distinction has made zkSync Era a preferred choice among developers and users looking for the familiarity and speed of EVM integration.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era

Several factors have propelled the ZkSync Era to its current standing:

  • Feature-Rich Ecosystem: ZkSync Era’s ecosystem primarily derives from zkSync Lite and offers a more comprehensive set of features compared to its predecessor, zkSync Lite.
  • AMM/DEX Dominance: The ecosystem boasts exceptional projects in the Automated Market Maker (AMM) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) segment, featuring prominent names such as, Syncswap, and the emerging Velocore. The dominance of DEXs is evident in the staggering $6 million trading volume on the platform.
  • Bridge Projects: ZkSync Era is also witnessing a surge in Bridge projects, with numerous initiatives encouraging users to bridge their assets via zkSync Era. Notable projects facilitating this transition include Orbiter Finance and Symbiosis.

The growth and adoption of zkSync Era reflect the platform’s prominence in the decentralized finance space. Users are increasingly leveraging the ecosystem, emphasizing its pivotal role in the DeFi landscape.

Now, let’s delve into the top 5 crypto wallets on zkSync Era ecosystem, providing users with secure and efficient access to this burgeoning decentralized landscape.

Top 5 crypto wallets on zkSync Era

  1. Holdstation Wallet
  2. MetaMask Wallet
  3. Echooo Wallet
  4. OKX Wallet
  5. Argent

Holdstation Wallet


Holdstation Wallet, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency wallet, offers users a secure and versatile solution for managing their digital assets, including coins, tokens, and NFTs. This non-custodial wallet empowers users by giving them full control over their assets, allowing them to hold their private keys and authorize transactions. It deserves to be one of the best crypto wallets on the zkSync Era ecosystem.

In addition to providing a secure storage solution for various digital assets, Holdstation Wallet offers a range of features that enhance the cryptocurrency trading experience. Users can easily buy, sell, and trade derivatives with leverage, with the option to go up to 500 times leverage. This flexibility caters to both novice and experienced traders.

Holdstation Wallet’s commitment to interoperability is evident through its support for all Layer 1 and Layer 2 EVM (Ethereum virtual machine compatible blockchain) solutions. This interoperability ensures that users can seamlessly work with various blockchain projects and assets. The wallet also extends its support to NFTs, enabling users to manage their non-fungible tokens efficiently.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era



Security is paramount in the world of cryptocurrency, and Holdstation Wallet takes this commitment very seriously. To ensure the safety of user assets, the wallet has undergone a comprehensive security audit conducted by Verichains, a renowned leader in security audits. This meticulous audit process bolsters user confidence, especially in an environment where security breaches are a significant concern.

In addition, Holdstation Wallet’s integration with zkSync enhances its security features. This Layer 2 scaling solution ensures an added layer of protection, critical in an era where cryptocurrency wallets and bridging tools are increasingly susceptible to attacks. One remarkable security feature is the ‘Revoke’ function, which empowers users to easily monitor and revoke access rights of contracts. This simplifies the process, eliminating the need for external websites or complex procedures, thus reducing the risk of asset loss.

zkSync Integration

Holdstation Wallet embraces the future of decentralized finance with its integration of zkSync, a leading Layer 2 solution. This integration enables users to conduct transactions swiftly and cost-effectively, all while shielding them from the pressures of price fluctuations. The incorporation of zkSync makes the wallet highly scalable, accommodating more users and transactions without causing congestion on the Ethereum network.

Account Abstraction

The adoption of zkSync allows Holdstation Wallet to implement Account Abstraction (AA), a groundbreaking concept that separates the authentication and calculation processes of an account within the system. Unlike traditional systems that store an account’s private key directly on the blockchain, AA enables the registration of a simple text address as a token for that account. This innovation simplifies token swaps and gas fee payments, allowing users to use any token instead of being limited to ETH. Consequently, transaction times are minimized, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Holdstation DeFutures

Holdstation DeFutures represents a groundbreaking futures trading platform where investors can execute buy and sell orders with high leverage without the risk of price slippage. The platform supports a wide range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, Forex, and commodities. Notably, Holdstation DeFutures does not require users to deposit assets to participate in transactions, ensuring that assets remain securely in the user’s wallet at all times.

MetaMask Wallet


Launched in 2016, MetaMask has rapidly risen to become a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market, boasting an impressive 21 million monthly active users. It’s not just a web browser application; MetaMask also offers dedicated mobile wallet applications for both iOS and Android users. MetaMask is one of the crypto wallets on zkSync Era with lots of support for users.

One of the key attributes that sets MetaMask apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various popular blockchains, offering users a wide range of options. At present, MetaMask is compatible with Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, zkSync Era, Base, and Polygon, making it an attractive choice for users looking to diversify their crypto assets.

One distinguishing feature of MetaMask is its open-source nature. As an open-source wallet, it provides accessible software for anyone interested. MetaMask is designed to run and support Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchains, along with all ERC-20 tokens operating on their respective networks. This accessibility and adaptability are key factors contributing to its widespread popularity.

The wallet operates differently based on your device, acting as an app for mobile users and as a browser extension for those using web browsers. Currently, MetaMask supports Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers, ensuring compatibility with some of the most popular web navigation tools.

Beyond just storing cryptocurrencies, MetaMask serves as a powerful gateway for users to engage with decentralized applications (DApps) within the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) space. By offering this functionality, MetaMask enables users to participate in activities such as PoolTogether, further enhancing its utility in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era


Asset Management

MetaMask simplifies asset management by enabling users to effortlessly send and receive their cryptocurrencies. This user-friendly feature streamlines the process of handling digital assets, making it a go-to choice for crypto enthusiasts.

Swap Functionality

One of the notable additions to MetaMask is its integrated Swap feature, which empowers users to trade cryptocurrencies within the wallet. This functionality is akin to decentralized exchange (DEX) trading but comes with a distinction – transaction fees. It’s essential to note that while swapping tokens on MetaMask is convenient, the transaction fees may be marginally higher compared to trading directly on a DEX.

Bridge Integration

MetaMask takes a step further in enhancing user experience by integrating a Bridge feature. This innovative addition allows users to seamlessly move their assets across Ethereum and popular blockchain EVMs, including but not limited to Optimism, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Avalanche. This cross-chain compatibility opens up a world of possibilities for asset mobility and investment diversification.


For users seeking to maintain a comprehensive overview of their holdings on various blockchain networks, MetaMask offers the Portfolio feature. With this tool, users can easily track and monitor their assets across multiple chains, ensuring they stay informed about their crypto investments. It simplifies the task of managing a diversified crypto portfolio, a crucial aspect in today’s blockchain landscape.



Echooo is the most secure cryptocurrency wallet with an excellent user interface. Echooo wallet is self-custody and seedless, providing impenetrable protection for your funds using industry-leading MPC, Multi-Sig, and Social Recovery, among other features. Echooo also offers a Web 2.0 user experience with mobile native and gasless design, among other things. With its distinct features, Echooo is a generation ahead of all conventional wallets and will set the standard in the Web3 wallet industry.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era



Echooo empowers users with exclusive control over their assets. In this secure environment, you are the sole entity capable of accessing, recovering, and spending your digital wealth. This self-custodial approach ensures that your assets remain under your complete control, setting a new benchmark for ownership and security.

Multi-Sig Authentication

Echooo Vault introduces a robust multi-factor authentication system that allows users to establish their own Guardians. Guardians can be both individuals and trusted devices selected to bolster the wallet’s security. These designated Guardians can assist in locking your wallet and approving critical actions such as wallet recovery and validation of transactions. Echooo’s multi-sig authentication adds an extra layer of protection, further reducing the risks associated with unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Social Recovery

Echooo revolutionizes the process of account recovery by eliminating the need for users to remember and safeguard complex recovery phrases and passwords. Instead, users can simply reach out to their designated Guardians for assistance in approving a recovery. This innovative social recovery feature simplifies the account recovery process and enhances user accessibility.

Independent Security Audits

Echooo takes security seriously and demonstrates its commitment by subjecting its smart contracts to independent audits conducted by cryptocurrency security experts from Coinspect. These rigorous audits ensure that Echooo’s smart contracts adhere to the highest standards of security and reliability, instilling user confidence in the platform’s integrity.

Cutting-Edge Mobile Security

Echooo is dedicated to fortifying security with the latest features offered by iOS and Android, including secure enclave and biometric authentication. These advanced security measures provide an additional layer of protection for your wallet, enhancing the security of your digital assets.

OKX Wallet


As the world eagerly embraces the concept of Web3, a modern vision for a vastly improved internet experience for all, OKX Wallet emerges as a pivotal gateway for crypto assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and decentralized applications (DApps). OKX, known for its innovation in the cryptocurrency space, has developed a wallet that embodies the essence of Web3 and places control firmly in the hands of its users. OKX Wallet is on the list of top crypto wallets on zkSync Era because of its outstanding features when helping users interact with Web3.

The OKX Wallet represents a groundbreaking approach to digital asset management. What sets it apart is the philosophy of decentralization and non-custodial security. While OKX initiated and released this innovative wallet, it is important to note that the exchange does not hold your assets. This is a key distinction that ensures users retain full control over their digital holdings.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era


Full Control and Ownership

One of the standout benefits of the OKX Wallet is that it grants users complete control and ownership of their funds. In a world where security and autonomy are paramount, this feature aligns perfectly with the core principles of cryptocurrency.

Faster Withdrawals

Say goodbye to the delays associated with withdrawal approval on centralized exchanges. OKX Wallet facilitates faster withdrawals, providing you with quick and hassle-free access to your funds whenever you need them.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

OKX Wallet is a versatile multi-chain wallet that effortlessly recognizes and connects to different blockchains without requiring manual user intervention. This means you can seamlessly manage your crypto assets across a wide spectrum of chains, including Ethereum, OKC, BSC, and many others.

Multi-Seed Phrase Import

OKX Wallet goes a step further by supporting multi-seed phrase import and the derivation of addresses. This feature allows users to consolidate their various cryptocurrency holdings under one secure roof.

User-Friendly Access

Whether you prefer to use a web extension or want the flexibility of mobile access, OKX Wallet offers an easy connection. You can choose the web extension or download the iOS and Android Apps, ensuring that you can interact with your assets wherever and however you like.

One Wallet for Many Networks

In a decentralized ecosystem where DApps are being created on multiple networks, having a wallet that can seamlessly connect to these networks is essential. The OKX Web3 wallet excels in this area, connecting with over 40 different blockchain networks, providing users with easy access to a vast array of DeFi and GameFi DApps. Few wallets can rival the extensive network coverage provided by OKX Wallet.

Cross-Chain Swaps

OKX Wallet goes a step beyond mere compatibility by offering users the ability to easily swap tokens between different networks. Suppose you have Ethereum but wish to use a Tron dApp; OKX Wallet makes this transition possible, ensuring that it’s not only feasible but also seamless and straightforward. This is made achievable through the proprietary OKX X Routing technology, which not only offers a smooth experience but also ensures the best exchange rates and security.



Argent, a pioneering non-custodial decentralized storage wallet, is redefining the way users access DApps and recover their assets without the need for cumbersome seed phrases. Beyond its user-centric approach, Argent Wallet also offers robust support for numerous projects on the Ethereum network and Layer 2 solutions like Starknet, and zkSync. Additionally, the introduction of Argent X, tailored specifically for developers, marks a significant leap forward by becoming the first wallet to operate on the Starknet network.

Top 5 Crypto Wallets On zkSync Era


User-Friendly Access

Argent Wallet puts user convenience at the forefront. By eliminating the need for seed phrases, Argent simplifies the recovery process, making it more accessible to a broader user base. This user-centric approach represents a significant step in improving the overall user experience.

Wide Network Support

Argent Wallet goes beyond the Ethereum mainnet and extends its support to Layer 2 solutions, Starknet, and zkSync. This comprehensive network integration ensures that users can easily interact with various blockchain projects and applications, providing greater flexibility and access to the expanding blockchain ecosystem.

Argent X for Developers

Recognizing the importance of catering to developers, Argent introduces Argent X, a product specifically designed to meet the needs of developers. By integrating with the Starknet network, Argent X becomes the first wallet to run on Starknet, offering developers a powerful platform to build and interact with decentralized applications.

zkSync Integration

While Argent Wallet supports zkSync, it’s essential to note that this support is currently limited to the mobile app versions on iOS and Android. Users can leverage zkSync 1.0, also known as zkSync Lite, for enhanced scalability and performance. It’s important to clarify that zkSync Era 2.0 is not supported in these versions.

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