AdLunam ($LUNAM) Dropped Its 1st Fascinating Airdrop For You!

AdLunam ($LUNAM) is an NFT-integrated Engage to Earn seed crowdfunding and IDO launchpad with a Proof of Attention allocation model.

Its cooperative Engage to Earn ecosystem rewards community engagement through Proof of Attention. Dynamic NFT (dNFT) Investor Profiles extend investor vetting beyond early-stage funding rounds, allowing projects to hand-pick top retail investors to receive airdrops, community rewards, ambassador and influencer programmes, and IDO allocation.

This project was created by a group of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs that have worked in management and consulting capacities with over 200 companies on topics ranging from tokenomics to marketing and communications, with the objective of being to create a continuously engaged investor community that trades relational investment for capital allocation.

And now the project is giving you a big chance with the very first Airdrop, to earn free $LUNAM before its incoming Public Sale and Platform Launch!

How To Participate?

  • STEP 1: Join AdLunam Airdrop Bot.
  • STEP 2: Join their Telegram group (Verify in Telegram group that you’re not a BOT).
  • STEP 3: Follow their Twitter page and like, retweet pinned post, and tag 3 friends.
  • STEP 4: Join their Discord Server (Complete discord verification).
  • STEP 5: Follow them on Instagram
  • STEP 6: Follow them on Reddit
  • STEP 7: Follow their Facebook page.
  • STEP 8: Submit Polygon Address (MetaMask/Trust Wallet only).

After completing the required tasks, use the “Referral Link” button to copy and share your unique link with your friends to top the Leaderboard!


  • Date: Dec 20, 2021 to Jan 01, 2022.
  • Distribution: One week after TGE.


  • 3,000 lucky winners: 681,000 $LUNAM
  • Top 250 Referrers: 227,250 $LUNAM
  • 10 lucky winners: 1 exclusive limited edition AdLunam NFT


  • AdLunam can only count people who join their group from your unique link as part of your total referral score. They’ll rank everyone based on the number of successful referrals you have, and the winners will be chosen accordingly.
  • Choose platform usernames BEFORE you start referring friends. Changing your username during the competition will disqualify you automatically.
  • Follow the steps listed above to become a successful referrer.


This competition is open to anyone who is part of their social platforms, so if you’re not already a member, make sure you join them! AdLunam reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Anyone who tries to cheat the system or manipulate the referral bot will be disqualified.

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