XRP Army wants to put the SEC under pressure through Joe Rogan Podcast

To combat the SEC, the XRP Army is raising support so Attorney John Deaton can appear on the Joe Rogan podcast.

XRP Army wants to put the SEC under pressure through Joe Rogan Podcast

Attorney Deaton is a prominent figure in opposing the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple. He is best known for his role in passing the Amicus Curiae (Latin for “friend of the court”) proposal for 65,000 XRP holders, which gives investors the opportunity to speak their minds in court.

“Amicus Curiae refers to a person who is not a party to the dispute and who voluntarily provides his or her opinion, information on any legal or other matter relating to the case to the court in order to assist the court in resolving the dispute. Content of the dispute. “

The XRP Army now wants Joe Rogan to interview John Deaton.

XRP Army continues to attack

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued Ripple in December 2020, accusing the company of selling $ 1.3 billion in unregistered securities over seven years.

But before the trial began, the SEC began to show that it was acting unfairly. The main argument centered on the agency picking winners and losers by treating XRP as collateral while letting go of Ether and Bitcoin.

In it, former acting SEC director Marc Berger, who is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and former SEC director William Hinman once stated that Bitcoin and Ether are not securities.

Hinman now claims that this comment is his personal opinion and should not be used as legal guidance.

On events related to the two characters above, Attorney Deaton has a one-hour conversation when he appears on the podcast.

However, the XRP community needs enough support for this donate from the community to contact Rogan’s production team.

Over the years, UFC commentator Rogan has spoken to celebrities in his signature “Go Anywhere” style. He himself has built an engaging, consistent portfolio of content that few can match.

There have been many critics of Rogan, and while America is politically divided, his vote for Trump over Biden (in April 2020) has shown far-right zeal. If this is the strategy of the XRP Army, they likely need to put their political differences aside.

Despite losing the number one podcast spot on Spotify, Joe Rogan Experience still hits 11 million viewers per episode.

Although the SEC is accused of waging war with cryptocurrencies, the agency claims that legal action against Ripple is to enforce basic protections for the market system.

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